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A system restore point helps you as the user to bring a system back when you lose it. It is an image of your current system in the Windows registry files. Restore point majorly focuses on the applications, drivers, registry and some few critical files on your system. This program comes in handy when you experience data corruptions and installation malfunctions.

Windows System Restore Point Creation

The steps below will guide you into creating a Windows restore point;

Step 1. Turn on System Protection

On your search bar on the task bar, type the create and you will see create system restore point, tap on it. Before you create a restore point, ensure that system protection has been turned on for both drives. This will enable you to do away with unwanted changes in your system once you revert your computer to a certain time. Click on the drive which has got system protection turned off, hit on configure, then follow the diagram below and hit OK.

Step 2. Go to create System Restore Point

Below is an image that will guide you on how you can create a restore point manually on Windows.

Step 2. Describe Restore Point

Describe it the way you want, give it a name that will be easy for you to remember the purpose of its creation, as the date and time are automatically provided by your system. Once this is done, tap OK and your restore point will be successfully created.

Wrap Up

When it comes to a system restore point, you do not get old copies of personal files when a restoration happens. Regarding applications, anything installed before the system restore will not be recovered. It will also not get rid of nor replace any of your files when a restoration happens. From the above realization, it shows that system restore does not in any way acts as a back up.

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