Everyone has a goal, target or dream, and you would most certainly be the happiest person if you saw yourself having achieved. However, this is not an easy path, we always have a tendency of not realizing our dream just because we gave up on it. But before you give, please consider finding a reason not to, because in this life nothing comes cheap, you gotta work on yourself and your achievements right.

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To anyone who is at the verge of ceasing their dream, I hope this article gives you the boost to keep keeping on;

1. There is always hope ahead

If it is a business you are venturing into or whether you are searching for a job, remember that there is always hope for you. Never forget the reason you opted to undertake what you are doing, always look at the bigger picture. Yes, the struggles might be a lot, but remind yourself of the benefits that you are going to reap ahead. When you are almost surrendering do a self analysis and remind yourself of great billionaires whose successes were not realised in an instant, motivate yourself keeping in mind that you could be the next richest person.

2. Never forget where you started

A boost to our success is mostly where we came from. Flashback to what you never had and gotta obtain, our past is very essential in ensuring that we forge ahead towards our goals. Be it poverty and the hardships you went through as a kid, let these challenging times act as catalysts in your hard work. If you do not give up on your plans, be certain that you will never encounter the hardships you did before.

3. Everyone has felt this

Am quite certain that every king, billionaire, your parent, sibling and perhaps everyone has felt the urge to give up. Take this as part of a stage in your journey to success. Be motivated by those who never gave up and made it in their lives. In one way or another, you have listened to the testimonies of individuals who have gone through hell to achieve their dreams, and sometimes if you consider, your hell cannot measure up to theirs, use this as a boost on your goal, do not take it for granted.

4. Giving up amounts to regrets

If you wake up in the morning and decide to be lazy, just following things up that doesn’t add value to your life, in the evening you would start beating yourself up for things you ought to have done during the wasted time. This applies to when you give up, you would be asking yourself more” what ifs” than if you had worked hard towards your goal. To avoid this, ensure that you pursue your dreams with passion to avoid giving up.

5. There has never been instant success

Has anyone ever started a project and succeeded upon initiation? These are the type of question that you should ask yourself before you think of giving up. Keep it in mind that success is a process and you are prone to challenges and setbacks upon initiation of a plan. No one is special enough to jump to being successful in an instant, you gotta toil day and night for it. Do not be a success hater by giving up on your goals.

6. Strive to be a role model

Behind every successful man/woman, there has always been someone they look up to. Work on your endeavors so that one day, someone somewhere would want to be like you. Do what you gotta do to achieve your goal so that you can encourage others that it is possible not to give up and that their dreams are achievable.

7. You are the determiner of your future

Am sure no one expects somebody somewhere to achieve dreams for them. You are the boss of your own life, you can decide to lose or to win. Winning is in everyone’s mindset, nobody aspires to be another person’s parasite,for you to win you gotta not give up and perhaps that is the only way to succeed. So, if you decide to surrender, you lose, if you don’t give up, you win. Check also, being your own boss.


We have got so many reasons not to give up, the above highlights will help you find that boost you need to forge ahead. Giving up is not always in anyone’s best interest, it comes as a package with failure and regrets and to avoid this, equip your mind with motivational thoughts.

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