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Most individuals find it hard to concentrate at work and do something constructive for the whole day. As a result you would find them dozing off on many occasions and here are the reasons why;

1. Lack of motivation

Most individuals are trapped in jobs that they do not like and as a result, they lack the inspiration to work more and achieve some goals. Motivation starts in the mind and when you are not motivated in doing something then you will get sleepy because of doing nothing.

2. Distractions and poor concentration

Your mind could not be at work, you could be planning other things aside from work. As a result of poor concentration, it becomes hard for you to catch up on where you left on before your mind drifted. You would definitely doze off if you feel left out or out of position.

3. Too much work

Due to exhaustion from too much work, your body becomes unable to keep up. A tired brain is in no position to think and execute ideas and thus you begun to get sleepy.

4. Inadequate sleep

Inadequate sleep leaves you exhausted on the next day and keeps you yawning and sleeping off. Unless you try and get enough sleep, you can not recover from the lack of sleep.

5. Poor nutrition

An unbalanced diet with a lot of sugars makes you very sleepy. A balanced diet helps to provide you with the necessary energy to keep working and makes your brain active.


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