There are so many opportunities in the world for youths fresh from campus to venture into but very few take this path. Here are some of the reasons why individuals would want to be employed by companies;

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1. It is an expectation from their parents/guardian and society

Most parents expect their children once completing their degree/diploma to acquire a job in some firm somewhere. This gives pressure to these youths to seek for a job as soon as possible of which considering the current job market it can be hard to secure one. Due to desperation, they tend to leave out other opportunities that can pay them well and settle for a job that pay less justb to impress the people around them.

2. Fear of venturing into new business opportunities

Despite unlimited business opportunities in the market, you would find that very few individual fresh from campus exploit them. The reason being they fear loses and are not so confident about themselves.

3. Some talents have not been embraced well in the society

Some of the talents like music if you told a parent that you want to pursue would not support you fully however some would. The main challenge here is the fact that music does not help you earn immediately but rather after some period of time. Thus, in case an individual wanted to do music after their post graduate, they would not find it easy and opt to look for a job.

4. For self satisfaction

Once an individual complete a course, their aim is to get a well paying job in line with their careers in order to be contented. They seek for satisfaction at the expense of settling for low paying jobs.

5. To prove a point

The fact that an individual gets a post at a firm puts them in a status of the employed persons. To most people this proves something to the people out there, the fact that they were able to acquire a job is an achievement.

6. It is an easy way to acquire income

When you talk of self employment, you need to put in a lot of effort before it starts to boom. There are so may risks and uncertainties associated with this venture unlike that which you just have to wake up to and do as told. It is normal to fear self employment considering what is at stake, however, when it starts to pick, you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

7. Employment is all they think about once they are out of campus

Many students fresh from campus or even those who are still in the learning institution, all they dream of is getting employed in some big company out there. It is quite hard to change someone whose mind since first year in college was to be employed somewhere.As the saying goes, what you think about is probably what you do, want to do or will do. So once they are done with their degrees, they delve into job search.

8. Peer influence

Even if you were adamant with starting a self employment venture and you are hanging out with those who desperately want to get jobs once college is done, they will somehow influence you to follow their line of dreams. They would especially cite the enormous risks and efforts associated with self employment, and eventually you might shy away and join them.


In conclusion, it is much better to exploit what you are good at rather than be employed and get a low pay. Once you have an idea in mind, develop and build it for your own benefit. However, am not discouraging those who prefer a job at a firm, follow your passion and work on it. That’s what matters most.

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