A friend is an individual that you have bonded with and love being in their company. A person who understands you, supports you, cares for you, inspires you, makes you laugh, appreciates you and is reliable. I know a relative can do this, but a friend is not a relative or a love partner. It is that person outside family and not a lover but you love them as a friend.

At times you encounter individuals you thought to be your friends and in the long run you realize that they are unsupportive, mean, do not respect you and they wish bad for you. These article will help you realize who are your true friends and who are not. Qualities of a friend;

1. They are available

Friends are always present when you need them. When you require a shoulder to cry on or even a person celebrate with, they are always there to comfort and celebrate with you. If you have an individual you call a fiend and in most occasions they are unavailable and are fond of giving excuses then you need to evaluate who you call a friend.

2. Friends correct you

A genuine friend always wants to ensure that you are in the right path. They support your goals but are also there to reproach you when you deviate or rather on the wrong. A friend is someone you can trust to be honest with you, not an individual who even supports you when you are wrong. Some individuals we call friends, when they see you making a mistake on something they do not correct you so that you can fail.

3. Friends lift your moods

When you are sad, friends are there to lighten your mood. They take you out to enjoy the cool breeze, they tell you jokes when you are sad all in an attempt to make you happy. Their joy is when you are also happy.

4. They help you be better

Friends want to see you happy and independent. They ensure that you are on a certain level in life, where you are comfortable and pursuing your dreams. They always want to know your progress in your career. They do not want to see you sleeping on your capabilities, and they lend you a hand when you need it.

5. Friends support you during hard times

When life becomes rocky, friends chip in to offer you help. It pains them to see you stuck in an adversity. Most people often, during their hard times have those people they considered friends running away. Because they know you would ask for their help, they blacklist you from their contacts and even ignore your calls. Actually, the only time you realize who your true friends are, is when you are going through a hard time. Some will step in to help while others will ignore your whole situation.

6. They accept you for who you are

A friend cherishes you for who you are, they embrace your flaws and strengths. They do not try to change you so that you can fit their caliber, they understand that each individual is unique in their own way. And they ought to be treated well, accepted and valued.

7. They understand you

Friends in every situation that you go through try and empathize with you. They never judge, they always try and understand everything before they decide. They always aim to treat you, the way they would want you to treat them.

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