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Life can be tough at times to the point that you do not know what next. On the verge of losing all hope, all you got is a thread holding you from giving in. However, many have to realize that things do not come easy, you ought to work and work for everything. Everyone who is successful would attest to this. They did not just step in on something and suddenly they are successful. Many wealthy individuals trusted the process all the way up. Below are some of the things that can help you through when you do not know what next;

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1. Be firm in your principles

At times, when life hits rock bottom you become vulnerable to many things. Some even decide that they are done with holding on to their principles. They begin to be reckless about their life. But, what they do not realize is that they are not only wasting their time but encouraging stagnation in the process. When things do not go well, don’t just surrender yet, everyone has gone through their fair share of difficulties before they reached where they are.

2. Do not give up

When things do not go well, don’t choose he easy way out. This is the time you need to be very strong because when you are almost reaching the light, that is when the road becomes thinner. Be much focused and determined on reaching your goal, and soon you will realize that it is worth the struggle.

3. Consider where you have come from

When you have gone through a lot and are on the verge of surrendering, put into consideration the battles you have overcome, the hurdles you have had to jump and all the hard work you to put in to reach where you are. This will help give you the push you need to forge ahead. The reason being, you won’t be ready to just throw away all the effort you have put in to reach where you are.

4. Keep your hope burning

Hope does a lot for you, it keeps you from giving up and helps you be positive no matter what you face. That is why it is so important for any individual who is almost hitting the rock bottom. Ensuring that your hope is still shining will get through even harder situations. It helps to give you a positive mindset towards where you are heading to.

5. Work harder and harder

The time that you reach a point where you do not know what to do next, that is where you need to put in all your effort because the finish line is near. This is also the time that determines whether you will achieve your goal or not. So, at this point, things need to be heightened, there is no time to lower your guard as you can easily make things worse.

6. Try by all means to shut out the negative

At this position, you need all the negative thoughts out. Anything that could bring you down should not be an option at this point. Since you need all the determination and focus in check, any negativity could cause you to go down the reverse direction.


It is common to reach a point where you do not know what next. On many occasions a good percentage of people witness such a situation yet they still are able to attain their dreams. Why? Because they do not give in easily and are ready to push on no matter what.


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