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Having talked about the benefits that are associated with self confidence in the article reasons why it is essential to develop self confidence, I know that most people tend to ask themselves on how they can boost their self confidence.

Well, if you are wondering how to, then this article is for you. Below are the ways in which you can get your self confidence a notch higher;

1. Stop comparing yourself with other individuals.

An aspect that can cause your self confidence to deteriorate is doing comparison. When you concentrate on other people besides yourself and give them credit, you will be tuning your mind to believe that you are not enough. Check; Things you should feed your mind with. Instead of doing this, find ways that you can achieve the values you admire so much. Use it as a motivation to help you soar to greater heights.

2. Love yourself.

Relevant; Learning to love yourself. There are so many aspects that can get you lose your confidence and they include those around us. It could be our friends, guardians or even work colleagues. When the people around you do not believe in what you can do and keep discouraging you when you want to pursue something, they can easily make us believe that we really can’t. However, when you have adequate love for self, you are in a position to challenge their believes and proof to them that you can.

Relevant; Importance of loving yourself.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” Harvey Fierstein

2. Implement that one thing that always gives you chills.

Any individual has got that idea/goal or something that always scares them when they want to put it in action. It could be you are scared of failing, of what people will say about you and many other things. However, when you start to implement it, it gets you a step closer to overcoming your fears. So, when you make an attempt to do that which has been bothering you for long, you challenge your believes and generate a positive vibe thus improving your self confidence.

3. Challenge your inner demeaning voice.

To most people there is always that inner voice that pops up the moment you want to do something different in your life. If it’s a much higher goal to be achieved, the voice chips in to tell you how you can easily fail and even directs you to examples that have tried the same project and failed. Or at times you want to try and approach a random person in order to overcome the fear of mingling with other people, the voice tells you how you are likely to be rejected on the spot. Challenge this voice and speak to it about how different and positive you are and that you will do it anyway. Once you fight it, you will realize that your voice has been holding you down all along.

4. Have firm principles.

Have you been agreeing to all that which your friends tell you to the point that you feel you friends are kinda steering your life to any direction they want to? Well, it is time to stop and take your stand, only agree to things that you want to and learn to say No to things that you do not feel like doing. Establish boundaries for you own good and gradually build your confidence. As a result, you will be more assertive and responsible about your life, of which are the characteristics of self confident individuals.

5. Concentrate on acing smaller goals first.

There are those goals that you can easily achieve. Implement those goals and win. This enables you to acquire necessary motivation to tackle the major goals. Allowing yourself to win, build your self confidence however small the goal may seem.

6. Engage in positive self talk.

Tell yourself that you can do it instead of you can’t. Build your self confidence by always trying to be positive about everything. Do not think less of yourself, always know that you can achieve that which you put your mind in to. Learn to affirm yourself at any situation.

7. Work on yourself.

There are so many things that can contribute to development of self confidence. Eating well and staying fit, dressing well, staying tidy and doing exercises to maintain a fit body. Feeling good about yourself can improve your self confidence. Check; Health tips you should know.

8. Show appreciation and gratitude.

Learning to be more thankful each day strengthens your value. The act of appreciating your efforts and the little things in your life plays a great deal in believing that you can achieve more. When you believe in yourself, you boost your self confidence and begin to witness happiness for self and others.

9. Forgiving yourself and setting self free from the past.

Your past can cause great damage to your present and the only chance of coming out of it freely is through forgiveness. So many people struggle with their confidence because of the many horrific scenes they experienced in their past. For example, an individual who was bullied and told that they had no value, would struggle finding that value because they believed in the bully’s words.

The good thing is that you can free yourself from all the past captivity by pardoning yourself and others that tainted your life. Forgiveness heals all the wounds that shattered your confidence and gives a chance for confidence to recreate in you.

10. Be around those who recognize your value.

Friends and those you hang around contribute a lot to your life, how you behave, act and the values that you adopt. When you are around those that know your value and appreciate your efforts as well as support your decisions, your self confidence will never be low. You will always be aware of your worth and nobody could ever sway you from the believe you have in self.

Choose your circle wisely in order to boost your self confidence.


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