This season of corona virus has been quite a hit to everybody. Some who were used to going to work on daily basis have been hooked up at home, those who loved to hit the gym have been trapped at home and many more careers have been brought to a standstill. This is the time that you are needed as an individual to strategize well on what to do in the time before you lose it. This is all about learning to adapt to the current situation lest you get stress or even enter into depression.

There so many activities that an be fun to do and can help you cope with the situation. Below are some of the ways you can cope with this quarantine season;

1. Discover your motivation

This is the time that you need to stay motivated more. There are so many things that can pull you down at this particular season, but when you find the source of your motivation, you can stay afloat no matter what. So many people might have lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, lack what to eat and even lack shelter. You need to maintain that hope as sadness is known to drag most into a dark pit. Motivation comes from many aspects, you just need to look in the right direction.

2. Unlock and venture into your secret skills

Well well, you got all the time now more than ever, right? Use this time passionately and relentlessly to activate those hidden skills. Most people usually do not act upon their side skills often complaining of inadequate time, now you have it! Behind most individual’s minds, there is usually that skill you often think that you can manage if you had the time, for me I often have this thought for a fact. Now this is your opportunity to horn your other skill. Gather all the things that you need to initiate that project, could it be baking, knitting, cooking and even writing. You need to make the step now, or it will be never.

3. Engage in specific projects with your family that you have been procrastinating

Since time needs to be balanced now more than ever, or you might as well waste it. Learn to involve your family as well. These are the people who will always be close to you no matter what. I am talking of the adjacent family not the extended as you cannot get much time to reach them anyway. If you have kids, then this is the most appropriate time to get to know them better, indulge them in most of those things that they have been bugging you about. This is the season that they realize that their dad or mum is a promise keeper. To add on top of this, is that this will instill the value of promise keeping no matter how much time it takes to be fulfilled. Creativity is another value, furthermore, kids actually never run out of things to do.

4. Doing a self evaluation of what you achieved and what you did not and what to improve on

As the year 2020 started, most of you had a plan of what they needed to have achieved in the past four months but they did not or rather achieved half way. Now is the time to evaluate your plans and recheck how you managed your time or did not. Time is a factor in so many aspects in life. How you utilize has an impact on the results either negative or positive. Time is not the main thing though, others include finances, determination & patience and many. A thorough analysis helps you to come with a counter plan and prevents you from making the same mistakes over and over. Success actually comes from initiating a project/plan and learning from the mistakes of others and those that you might make though they will be minimal.

5. Acquire more knowledge in the career sector you are passionate about through reading books and watching videos, some leisure books do not hurt too

I am certain if I were to visit most of your homes, there is quite a stack of books in the shelf you have been planning to read but have never done so. You will not get as much time as you have now anytime soon, so you might as well choose to use it wisely and read those books. I am sure they were worth something, that is why you have them on your shelf, right? One thing have learnt about books, is that when purchasing them, you need to be diverse. Mix them, career books, motivational books, fitness books, romance, child books, dictionaries and cook books among others. Each book serves its purpose at its own time and they help you be equipped in so many aspects of life.

6. Develop your spiritual context

Actually this could be the most important. Our spirituality matters a lot especially during the times of calamities. It is good to know where your hope comes from when you feel so down. Our spirituality gives us the kind of peace that we cannot find on earth. It rejuvenates us on daily basis and reminds us that there is still hope even in the midst of calamities.

7. Always remember to have Fun

Fun is as important as drinking water. Learn to laugh. Make fun through small things that you can engage in with your family, am guessing these are the people you are “stuck” with in this season. Make time for game night, tell stories during dinner, do things together for example washing dishes & doing laundry you will not lack what to laugh about here. Of all the time you have had in your life time, this is not the time to be grumpy at all, you better choose another time!

The following articles can help you in one way or another during this time of quarantine and lock-down.


This is the time that each individual needs to spread some love to many. Learn to help where you think you can manage. This is not the time to judge, hate nor promote fear. Most people are going through painful moments, do a self reflection and think of your actions, are you helping someone or condemning them. Even a little prayer for the disadvantaged helps a ton. Stay safe people!


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