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Do you always tend to wonder what to tell your partner once they are home. Aside from how was work, there are so many other questions that you could ask your partner that would make them feel remembered, appreciated and supported. Below are a few of those questions;

1.What did you achieve today

This will show them that you are supportive of their dreams and goals. Read on; What to do in order to reach your goals.

2.What was your motivation today

This helps you understand what their motivation was and whether it is rigid enough to help through the journey of achieving their goals.

3.What challenged you today at work

It is good to know what gave a hard time your partner. In this case if you are in a position to help, then you can.

4.Were you able to come up with a counter measure to deal with what challenged you?

Ask him/her whether he was able to come up with a solution for the problem he encountered.

5.So, what is your plan for tomorrow

This helps your partner in planning for the next day. Read on; Morning routines for you and evening habits suitable for you.

6.What made you so proud of yourself today

This depicts their achievements as well as show whether they know how to appreciate self.

7.What do you wish you would have achieved today

This helps your partner in setting their priorities right. So that on each day they are able to tackle what they had planned for.

8.What took much of your time today that you wish you would have done less

This helps your partner to evaluate their time management skills well and thus helping them to plan their time well.

9.How did you practice self care today

Besides all the work that your partner has engaged in, they also need to learn to take care of themselves. Check; Health tips you should know.

10.What was so inspiring that you heard today

Your partner should learn to develop themselves by listening to inspiring videos and motivational talks that help in boosting personal growth and development.

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