So that we do not start on the wrong foot, let’s be clear that am talking about men and not ‘boys’. Boys just want to waste your time and have fun and a man is probably tired of all the drama and wants somebody to settle down with and have a future together. So, in case you are lucky enough to find a man and you do not want to ruin the chance of having someone awesome to spend your life with, here are some of the things that you do not want to say to your man.

1. I do not know.

A man usually needs you as his helper. Can you imagine how devastating it is, if they asked you for an opinion on something important and all you can come up with is, I don’t know?, this man all he needs is assurance that you will always be there to help whenever he needs you in making decisions. However, if you are in no point to make an attempt and help him, then you render him to doubt whether you are really the one.

2. Nagging.

Everybody needs space to think things through, they need to feel safe and trusted by their partner. Suffocating your partner with all types of unessential questions and sentences would not help. Men have their ego and their pride, and that is their nature. They need not to feel as if they are being pushed around by their partners.

3. I do not trust you.

Trust is an essential thing in any relationship and without it the partnership cannot exist. This is your man we are talking about, you gotta have trust in him lest you revoke his openness to you. A man needs a partner that they feel they can talk about anything and everything with, and the moment you bring the phrase above, they will start to distance from you. Unless you want to end things with him, try and avoid the phrase, ‘I do not trust you.’

4. Dishonesty.

Most women love to tell lies so that so that they can be loved by a man. Learn to be yourself around your man, do not be so boring pretending to be someone you are not because sooner or later you will get tired of the pretense. And do not think that they also don’t feel duped, of course they do, it is just that they are waiting for you to come clean. Every man craves for an open and honest lady, so try not to be the vice versa.

5. Conditions.

Most men need their freedom. Controlling a man is like making them please you by force. Who would want this kind of life, of course nobody. A man who does not feel restricted will always want to be devoted to you because they even have the chance to miss you more.

6. Making everything about yourself.

Most women are selfish, they always want their man to be committed to them and they do not take any effort in making the man feel loved also. They want to be told I love you, how was your day among other things without even thinking of the man’s welfare. Men are also people like you, they have emotions and need to be cared for. In any relationship, this should not be a one sided thing, you should be in it together.

7. Complaints after complaints.

For a man to choose you as his, they must have seen something special in you. And what is more important than having a peaceful relationship. As a woman, do not try and find every petty issues as a chance to complain, always try and make peace with him often. Do not be the one to ruin his day but rather be his joy.

8. Being disrespectful.

Whenever things get rocky in your relationship, of which it is normal, never say hurtful words that demean him. As a woman you are there to support him and not to make him look bad and not enough. Before you say something to your man empathize with them, try and find ways to solve your issues without losing your temper because as women, we are fond of losing it.



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