Workplace depression is as a result of so many factors at the work place and they include the following;

A job you do not like; if you are on a job that you feel is not for you but you have to be there anyway, you are most likely to be depressed because of the stress that the job gives you.

Uncooperative work colleagues; This is mostly experienced by those individuals at a senior level but who still have to report to somebody. The people you manage have not met the datelines, have not achieved the expected target and you are expected to answer for their incompetence. As a result, due to pressure and stress you might get depressed.

Low pay; Some jobs are very tasking yet their compensation is very low. Regarding the current economy and the huge bills that you have to settle, you have to work double shifts in order to cover the bills. Overtime and still low pay keeps you thinking and getting stressed because no matter what you do, you still earn minimal wage.

Having seen some of the causes of depression at the work place, let’s consider ways in which an employer could help curb depression at work;

Depression awareness; As a manager, offer materials that help to educate employees about depression. Let them understand that it is real and can happen in the work place. By doing this, you are able to encourage those who already have or are displaying symptoms to get the help they need and be open about their status.

Favourable working conditions; An environment that is favourable is one that is all rounded, it should have proper air conditioning, proper lighting, a place with no bullying and with plants that makes it more cooler. This will help reduce depression cases because the above type of environment will raise most individual moods.

Avail resources that help those with depression; To ensure employee safety, you need to also consider having consultants and doctors at close range who can help those with depression. Employees need to know that in case of anything, they are able to access the help they need within a short time.

Develop a close contact with employees; This encourages openness in sharing what is going on with their lives as well as enabling you to notice odd behaviors from certain employees.

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