The above statement is so common in many relationships. However, many misunderstand it and think that something good could come out of it eventually. Well, it can, once you decide to move on and rediscover your value. But, if you have hopes of getting back together, which rarely happens, think again. Do not dismiss the fact that you could get back together because a break is at times needed when one needs to handle some family things or rather personal issues. Of which they eventually come back.

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The following piece better dissects the meaning of ‘I need a break’;

1. They want to break up with you

This could be referred to as a polite way of your partner telling you, they want to part ways with you. The root course of this version is when they realize you are really in love with them but they no longer love you. So the best way they opt to break the news to you is using ‘the break’ statement. Falsely giving you hopes that you could get back but far from it, because that is the only way you can let them go.

2. They probably are seeing someone else aside from you

This is usually one of the most common reason why an individual would ask for a break aside the ones below. When a third person is brought in the relationship, the focus begin to shift. Attention becomes divided and for the individual to balance this well, one has to go. By the time they decided to see someone else aside you, it means you are no longer a priority.

3. They could be going through a hard time

Hard situations happen to everyone and people react differently to each. There are those that would want to be alone so that they can handle the issue by themselves. However, others would need a shoulder to cry on and someone to comfort them. The former version have the tendency of even breaking up with people close to them, I do not know what to call this, but it is who they are.

4. They are not sure they want to go on with you

It reaches a point in a relationship where you now know everything about your partner. Their ways, character and behaviour, and after various considerations here and there, you realise there are so many things in them that could ruin things for you both. So all you can do is inform them that you need a break so that you can better contemplate whether that is the life you want with them.

5. They are bored in the union

It is a common thing to be bored in a relationship, however once it becomes a routine, it shatters all the hope for you to continue being in it. Many get bored as a result of many factors affecting them in the relationship. Until it gets to a point where one decides to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Even though there is no perfect relationship, they are still meant to be joyful and happy, not getting bored all the time.

6. You are probably suffocating them

Everyone needs space, they need their time and freedom. If you are always on their neck, they are bound to feel suffocated and on the quest for freedom and peace of mind. So, a break means that they can no longer keep going feeling a prisoner.

7. Could be they want to go away for sometime

If someone wants to go abroad/leave the country for sometime to study or do their things, they do not usually want to keep you waiting. Especially for someone who is not so serious with the relationship. Or it could be they love you enough not to waste your time waiting.

8. They want to rediscover themselves

Once an individual realizes the relationship is not adding them any value, they could decide to leave in an attempt to find their true worth. Utilize their time well, find peace and enjoy their space. So at times, when an individual asks for a break, it does not mean they do not like you, but rather want to create a better meaning in their life.

9. They are tired of you

It could be that the individual has got no will of being with you anymore. They are tired of you. Could be you are not the person they expected you to be. Maybe there are so many things they got no hopes of tolerating anymore. They have tried all the best but things seems not to change. And once they reach this point, there is usually no way to change them. They will decide and leave at once.

10. They want to focus on other things

This often happens when the relationship has bot been going so well. So instead of dragging you along with the other things they want to pursue in life, they just inform you that they need a break. In a way they are trying to tell you that the relationship is not their priority currently.


If you find your partner informing you that they need a break, be open to many possibilities. Do not just cling on the point that there are hopes of getting back together. Give them the break, do not try to force things and also use the break as a chance to improve yourself.



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