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Time is the greatest essential factor in many things in our lives. Just one mistake and it’s gone never to be recovered. However, when utilized, you will experience huge achievements. But, often people tend not to heed on time wastage, they just go with the flow and at the end of the day, they cannot account how their day went, nor to say the least, how they spent their time. There are so many factors that contribute to poor time management and they include the following;

1.Lack of planning

Planning is among the most important aspects in an individual’s actions. If you need things to go well as expected, planning a way forward is essential. Time tends to be mismanaged only when there is poor planning. That is when you misuse it and use it for the things not planned for. In the end you find that you have wasted the available time.

2.Lack of adequate sleep

Inadequate sleep comes with so many disadvantages such as fatigue and confusion. Sleep plays an important role in ensuring that your mind is refreshed enough to complete the tasks at hand. However without enough rest, you will spend your better half of the day trying to focus and follow what you ought to be doing.


Laziness is a factor that has been dragging most of the people down in their actions and passions. You can never be able to keep up with delivering the right results on time when you are lazy. This factor plummets any kind of progress and promotes poor time management, since the time you would have spent doing something constructive ends up being misused while doing irrelevant stuff.

4.Poor focus

Most individuals have not realized that when you have no focus, you shall never get things done. Lags happen due to lack of focus among so many people. And, the moment you lag, you waste precious time.

5. Procrastination

Procrastination should be referred to as a disease. This is because the moment it hits you, it becomes a habit. Most people would rather waste the available time and push things that can be done now to another day. Thinking that you have enough time then, when you are already wasting the present time.

6. Influences from others

Do you want to go for some coffee?, even when you do not need one you accept it just because you got some good company and gossip to catch up on. If you really knew how valuable your time was, you would spend it working on getting yourself to better standards.

7.Poor priority choices

As human beings, we tend to prioritize those activities that do not add us value more than those that do. However, when it comes to very successful individuals, they know how their priority list should look like, work on the most important actions first before you delve into those that are not so essential.

Final Word

The above and many others can lead to time wastage. Find that which affects you the most and get to the root of it, then accept it and come up with new ways to handle the situation better. Everyone can manage their time well, if only you adhere to your plan and avoid the scenarios that consumes you time for nothing.

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