When there is a prolonged pandemic in an area, people tend to lose it. They feel that freedom has been deprived from them and everything seems to be going in the wrong way. The worst part of it is when you allow the crisis to define you, thus getting filled with negative emotions. All these drown who you are and any hope alive in you. However, in order to overcome such as a situation, it is always important to be sane. The following can help you maintain that;

1. Refuse to worry and keep hope alive

Why worry of things that are beyond you? There is no good in stressing yourself over stuff that you cannot change. And if you got the ability to change them, then there is no need to fret over them. One thing that people love to do when they have problems is worry, this is not bad as it is a reflex norm for everyone, but it is good to gauge the issue first before allowing sadness to loom over you. You need to train yourself to just leave some things as they are especially when you cannot change them, and find ways to handle that which you can.

2. Keep a close contact with family and friends

Loneliness is among the things that each individual should avoid when times are tough, as it can easily lead to depression or heap of stress. Learn to always keep close contact with family and friends, those whom you know you can rely on. These are the people that will keep you laughing and hoping for the best despite the current situation. The more the love and encouragements from family and friends, the further the worries disappear.

3. Feed your mind with stuff that promotes positivity

The mind is one of the greatest tool/organ that can either affect you positively or negatively. So, you need to choose wisely what you ingest in your mind. Are they things that bring you hope or fear? Use your mind wisely to promote positive outcome in your life by feeding it with what is beneficial to you and others. That is when you can restore its functionality to normal.

4. Use this time as an opportunity to build a working post Covid strategy

Most people during this pandemic have come to realize how they have been living their lives wrongly. How the things that they have been doing have somehow contributed to their state. Take for example the financial status of some people having lost their jobs, they have come to learn that saving and refraining from extravagant purchases is key to a better tomorrow. Having undergone a trying phase during the pandemic season, learn from it in order to avoid the same mistake from happening in the future by devising a plan that will help you come out strong. As a result you will be able to utilize your time rather than using it to worry and fret.

5. Find various ways to have fun despite everything going on

Some having been put on lock down have found it quite a challenge to access fun places and thus a problem to enjoy all the fun activities found out doors. Well, you could take this as a chance to be innovative and creative in coming up with ideas on how you can bring fun home. There are so many fun activities you can engage in at the comfort of your residence, you just have to unlock your creative capacity. A little of fun, creativity and innovation is good for you as it refreshes your mind and body thus more happiness.

6. Avoid too much social media

Social media has got both its advantages and disadvantages. It is good as a social platform, where you can interact with some friends and give each other hope, however, it can also be a destructive platform, where people use to spread negativity and hate. During pandemics, everyone should always try as much as possible to shun away from things that bring about fear and negativity. Because they not only heap stress on you but also shatters your motivation and hope, which is bad for anyone. Try and use social media for purposes that strengthen you and not harm you.


Nobody ever anticipates for when a pandemic could hit them. That is why it is better to be found at least prepared, by always learning to think about tomorrow in your life. It is much easier to navigate through a problem when you have a strategy on how you will handle it. And, that is why mental health is important in order to make sound decisions regarding any issue.



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