Stress is a disease that should not be given a chance in our bodies. It comes as a package with all the worst things possible such as depression, heart problems among other diseases such as blood pressure. A stressed individual is often vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and loneliness. This problem has affected our society at large by rendering our youth to drugs, causing marital problems and suicide to most people who would have changed our society to the better. Ways to deal with stress need to be adopted so that we can easily deal with the losses that comes with it. However, before stress becomes something serious, there are ways that we can adopt to avoid the harmful effects. Yes, stress is something that is within us, we just gotta find ways to reduce it before it grows to something more adverse. The following are some of the ways we can deal with stress;

1. Shun from avoidable stress

At times the best way to deal with some stressful situation is by staying away from the triggers of the stress. That is if you have the ability to avoid them. For example, to most people some people stress them out, if anyone is a problem to you then stay away from the person because they are not doing you any good. If your job is stressing you out then change it, you owe no one an apology for that, it is for your own good. By doing this, you will be able to calm yourself since you will have gotten rid of the things that bring stress.

2. Create time to enjoy life

In most cases, stress usually springs up when you are unhappy and bored. Evaluate your schedule so that you can make time to have fun and relax your mind from all the pressures around. Once you start enjoying life, you will be able to block bad thoughts that eventually amounts to stress. In doing this, you will be able to learn to nurture yourself into developing a positive attitude and by this you will eventually be able to deal with negative situations in life such as stress. Spend quality time with others who make you laugh and value life, learn more on the importance of good company. Take a walk and enjoy your own company, so that yo can learn that you got you during hard times when there is no one to turn to. Indulge in your hobbies so as to keep your spirit high thus reducing disappointments.

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3. Embrace situations you cannot do anything about

Stress arises when we feel helpless about something or a situation. Those situations that you know there is nothing you can do about, accept them the way they are. Because even if you stress about them,nothing will change and you have hurt yourself worrying too much. Learn not to be hard on yourself for not bringing the change you wanted, instead forgive yourself knowing that you are human and you cannot always solve everything. Also, learn to forgive those who hurt you in one way or another for there is nothing to be done to unhurt you. Even without there consent let go of the grudge for it can build up into something stressful. Learn to look at every hard situation in a positive perspective, use them as stepping stones for greater achievements.


Learning to deal with stress is much more important than dealing with its adverse effects. These ways of reducing stress will help you avoid the harmful effects of stress. Often, some people stress themselves from unnecessary stuff, some petty issues are worth ignoring rather than worrying about. Being grumpy about small things can easily render you old and moody. Life is short to be sad, use that time to enjoy life.

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