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Respect is earned when both partners upholds the other party’s values, goals and objectives. Respect is an element that keeps the bond in the relationship intact. Check; Qualities of a good relationship as well as the tips that you should know about a relationship.

The following are the ways in which you can show your partner that you respect them;

1. By telling them the truth

A relationship should be an open platform where you can communicate freely and honestly with your partner. If you respect your partner, and there is something that you do not like that they did, be open with them, allow them to understand how you want things to be done. In this way, they will realize that you are straight forward with them and you will always be honest with them at all costs.

3. Through forgiveness

When you pardon your partner for a mistake they did, they will feel that you respect them just like you do yourself as a human being who in one way or another can make mistakes. Taking the effort to forgive them will also prompt them to do the same to you when you make a mistake.

4. By proper communication

When we talk about communication, it is not all about conversing regularly with your partner, it is about how you talk with your partner, how you present your arguments and how you respond to them. Learn to be genuine and avoid bashing out on them.

5. By practicing equality

In any relationship each partner has their own rights. Especially when it comes to making decisions, you ought to consider both partners when coming up with an idea regarding a certain project that affects the both of you. When you take the opportunity to ask for your partner’s opinions regarding something you make them understand that they are valued, respected that you are in it together.

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