So many people struggle with bad smell emanating from their body. And if you want to change this, you need to get serious with your body hygiene. Odour can arise as a result of smelly feet, armpits, hair, clothes and teeth. You just have to know which of the above is contributing to the bad smell most. Then you can focus on it. The following are some of the steps you can take to curb the stench from your body.

1. Bathe regularly

Bad smell tends to manifest itself when you do not bathe or sometime. It is a way that the body communicates that it requires to be cleaned. Ensure that you bathe always so that your body can remain fresh at all times.

2. Ensure that you change to clean clothes often

Clean clothes are very essential when it comes to body hygiene. Once you take a bath, you don’t change into the same clothes you had before. It is like bathing with dirty water. In order to curb body odour, it is vital that you put on clean attire. Sweat tend to stick to clothes, and no matter the times you bathe, but still wear the same garments, you would still carry around a stench.

3. Use a nice roll on, spray or perfume on your body

What a savior? Roll on/spray/perfume have been quite the miracle worker to many. There are people who still struggle to get rid o their sweat stink even after bathing or changing clothes. The good thing is that there is a solution to this. You just go to a cosmetic shop, find a spray with a fragrance that entices you and use it on daily basis. This will block out the awful smell of your sweat.

4. Brush your teeth as recommended

A fetor does not necessarily come from sweat alone, even bad breath can contribute to it. Many individuals have a problem with their breath, to the point that it hinders their freedom of speech. Which is quite a struggle for people who do marketing and advertisements. It is of essence to brush your teeth as recommended and top it up with a mouth wash from a professional physician.

5. Shave your armpits and other vital parts frequently

Have you ever wondered why you often sweat a lot even after bathing? Or still have an awkward smell in your body no matter the times you wash your body. Well, it could be as a result of an encroaching bush in your armpits. Learn to shave those parts that can harbour germs or sweat. This will promote easy cleaning of every part of the body, and as a result leads to freshness.

6. Wash your legs repeatedly and treat your toes as desired

Bad smell can also be caused by smelly feet. For those having this problem, you need to always take good care of your legs and feet. Sign up for a pedicure and ensure that you are always maintaining good hygiene even while in the house. Purchase all the necessary stuff that will help you care for your feet and soon you will see changes.

7. Wash your socks regularly and put on clean ones

Socks contribute a lot to sweating of the feet and hence harbouring bacteria that could lead to your feet and shoes smelling. Find the right kind of socks that minimizes sweating and promotes the free flow of air throughout your feet.

8. Take care of your hair and wash them often

Hair can be one of the top germs habitat if you do not step up and take are of it. Find the right shampoo for your hair, do conditioning, treatment and wash it as regularly as possible. Odour can be sensed when your hair is left for long without washing. Take care of your hair as recommended and it won’t disappoint you.


Smelling nice increase’s an individuals self esteem. On doing all the above, you will realize that your body will stay fresh and smell nice. Thus giving you the freedom to walk around with pride, and mingle with everyone easily.

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