Get adequate sleep; When on daily basis, you are able to get the recommended sleep that is eight hours, you are in a position to allow your brain to function as required as it is very active.

Do a lot of research and read; The brain when fed with the right knowledge and wisdom, you are also in a way enabling it to come up with new things regarding a topic that needed solutions.

Exercise; In general, exercise always keep your brain refreshed and active. A creative person is always deemed to have an active and refreshed brain so that it can easily come up with ideas.

Challenge yourself; For one to be creative, they always require something that challenges them. For example, trying to attempt that which you deem to be hard. As long as you just concentrate, your mind an surprise you on how it gives you ideas on how to tackle the situation.

Engage in that which interests you; Do you have that one thing that when you begin dong it gets you thinking how time passed so quickly? During this time is when your creativity is at its peak, you just can’t stop because ideas are flowing non-stop.


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