It is so often that you find yourself feeling demotivated once you want to embark on certain tasks. You find it hard to go back on track and do that which you planned on doing and you start to ask yourself how you are gonna go about it. There are so many ways that which you can help yourself with and here are a few;

1.Watching inspirational talks or videos; These platforms provides you with the insights needed in tackling things and how to maintain your motivation. It encourages you and provides you with affirmations on how you are capable of many things as long as you put your mind to it.

2. Love what you do; Having interest and passion in what you do increases the motivation for working on it. It helps you overcome any temptations of wanting to quit thus increasing your productivity.

3.Know your worth and love yourself; Knowing your worth helps you to work on something relentlessly since your aim is to achieve the best for yourself. Check; Learning to love yourself.

4.Get adequate sleep so as to wake up fresh; Waking up fresh means that the mind is active, alert and ready to do any essential work. Usually the causes of demotivation is as a result of inadequate sleep which causes fatigue and mood swings.

5.Be confident and trust in yourself; Believing in yourself is a one step process to success. It helps you to obtain the necessary motivation to get things done even when everyone else does not have hope in it.

6.Quit doing comparisons; Comparing yourself with others causes you to think that you are not enough which can lead to quitting. However, when you stop doing comparisons, you are able to find yourself, find your passion and follow your own path with determination.

7.Learn to be positive and hang with those who are positive; Positive people have got good contagious habits that can help a great deal in improving your motivation. A transferred sense of hope instills in you the need to keep working on something with the believe of greater things happening in the future.

8. Divide large tasks into smaller ones which can be worked on easily; A huge task usually appears like a stumbling block. Whenever you break down these tasks into smaller ones, they appear much simpler and gives you the urge to work on them.

9.Remind yourself of the original cause; Whenever you need to improve your motivation, learn to remind yourself of the real reason why you started something and why you so badly want to reach a certain point. Always find a solid cause for something.

10.Find somebody to always check on your progress; At times, your motivation needs a little push. Find that friend you trust, talk to them about your plan on how you want to improve your motivation on something and give them the permission to always check on your progress. This friend will act as a reminder of what you need to achieve and helps you to stay on track.


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