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Do you have a problem with how you react to situations? Do you overreact to them and you have been trying to fight the feeling? Well, this article s for you. From the following you can pick one or two techniques from the list below that might help you control your anger issues.

1. Do not say anything

The moment you feel that you are about to lose your temper, just stop talking. Learn to have self control, take back any words that you were about to lash out. Keeping quite gives you the time to process and make sound decisions thus shielding you from ranting. As a result, the act prevents you from giving in to the anger burning inside.

2. Understand that you have the power over your words and self

Being able to realize that you are able to control what comes from your mouth and yourself. You will be a step closer to thinking before you talk. And, once you are able to do that, you can fight the lashing out. Which is actually a very important aspect that people who are hot tempered should understand and adopt so as to keep their anger at bay. It enables you overcome your anger as you will have understood that you have the potential to do it.

3. Be responsible for your actions

Do not blame anyone for how you act even if they said something harmful. You always have a choice of deciding what to say and do in any situation. Being accountable helps you to revisit your actions and try to mend them. Do not allow your anger to determine your actions but rather you. It is so much easier to control what goes in and out of your life when your conscience lets you own up for your doings.

4. Do not relive what got you upset

In an attempt to solve the situation, you do not want to wake the sleeping dragon in you by trying to talk about the issue when you are still angry. Wait until you calm down then you can sort it out. Most people who have tried solving their situations angry would actually tell you that they did not make any progress. The reason being, they were not sober then, they let their mouth make most of their decisions and not their brains.

5. Take a minute and breath

Taking deep breathes at the course of a heated argument helps to calm your nerves. It assists you in taking back the full control of your body. It helps keep your mouth busy breathing rather than ranting. It is actually one of the best anger absorption mechanism. And because you won’t be able to say much, you will find yourself getting out of the heated scene.

6. Walk away

In the case where an individual has offended you by doing something so awful to you, try and walk away before you do something you will regret. It is not a sign of weakness but dignity. This preserves your values and thus act as a role model to many. It is much more better to walk away from something that hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally rather than acting a hero and scarring all the above.


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