To most of the people who work from home, it can be challenging to keep up with what you want to do because of the so many distractions, be it kids, television, kitchen, the food in the fridge or for example a noisy neighbor.

1.Stay away from your phone

The phone is a very useful gadget that can be used in so many productive ways. However, it can also destroy your schedule depending on the apps it has. For game lovers, your phone can get you gaming all day long, or maybe watching movies etc. Control the time that you spend on your phone and be cautious on what you do with it when you have it.

2.Request help from friends to help keep track on your progress

Friends can be useful in your endeavors depending on who they are. Are they enemies or friends of progress. For those working from home, find a friend who could be doing the same as you or maybe one with a daily job and ask them to be checking on you at the course of the day as a way of helping to monitor your progress and keep you on track. Having someone to call you to ask what you have achieved regarding a certain project will get you focused.

Check, types of people to keep.

3.Put your mind to what you want to do

The mind is one of the most useful part of the body. It can either bring success or downfall, depending on what you feed it with. With the right attitude and focus, the mind can help you achieve what you want to do as long as you put your mind to it.

4.Set a target for what you want to achieve

The reason why most people do not achieve that which they want to while working from home is not because they are not capable. The reason is, they never set what they want to achieve by the end of the day. They are not determined in delivering that which they hope to achieve.

5.Cut time spent on social media

Social media is a big barrier to being productive. Yes, it can be a channel to get updates from, but also can be addictive and hinder you from delivering good results. There are so many juicy stories that you find on the social media and would want to follow up on. This will do you no good,only wastes your precious time.

6.Do not work from bed

Since you know that you work from home, do not be tempted to just wake up, sit on the bed and begin working. Only do this when you are checking emails in the morning, i.e trying to get in the mood for work. Once that is done, find the most suitable environment that you can be productive in. Working from the bed attracts drowsiness and poor productivity.

7.Make the room you are working in suitable for work

Organize your room in such a way that it looks like an office. Make it suitable enough that anyone can concentrate in and be productive. One thing that most people fail in, is they make the room they work in so cozy that the moment they are in there they already feel like dozing off. Bring an office environment to your home.

8. Waking up early

For this to work well for you, you need to be up early. Home has got a lot of distractions and I bet every person can agree with me on this, especially for moms. There are a lot of things that need to be done before you embark on your work. Getting up early and ensuring that you complete all other chores fast saves you enough time to stick to your schedule. However, being late maximizes time wastage thus less productivity.

9. Set a reward for your day’s work

Everyone loves rewards, so yo might as well do it for yourself. I have a friend of mine who does article writing, he sets a target for the amount of work he wants to complete in a day. Once he achieves that target, he watches a movie. Movies are good just like other people love gaming or some specific meals. Learn to treat yourself nicely and you will see your motivation rising each day. I do not know if people experience a bad feeling when, for example, they watch a movie before completing something they ought to have, well I do. The best feeling with this comes when you are done with all other stuff. Reward yourself with something that can get you longing for it, the act of looking forward to it pushes you to complete the task at hand fast.


I understand that working from home is not a walk in the park. It requires good determination, discipline and focus. And to obtain all these you need your mind, body and soul to work in sync. Not to leave out the amount of concentration you need here, this calls for all the help you can get from all the sources. I hope the above few points can help solve one or more of your milestones while working from home.



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