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On all browsers you get the chance to view saved passwords whenever you forget them. This is because Chrome, Opera and edge have a tendency of saving your passwords whenever you sign in to something. As a result, you do not keep trying out all the passwords you can remember when trying to sign in. You just head over to Chrome or any other browser you are using and retrieve them.

View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

This guide will show you how you can retrieve any of your saved passwords, whenever you do not remember them.

Step 1. Open your Browser, tap the 3 dots then hit settings

On the top right of your browser on the address bar, there are some 3 dots at the far end. When you tap on them, you will get a list of options. Far down, hit the settings option. Just as follows;

Step 2. On the next Window, tap Autofill, then Passwords

When you hit settings, as shown in step one, another window will appear. On the section of autofill, you will see passwords as an option. Click on it so as to take you to the next step. Like as shown;

Step 3. Search for the Password you need

Here, you just need to put in the keyword of what you want to sign in to and all the passwords related to what you are searching will be displayed. This feature will help when you got so many passwords and you do not want to go through all of them one by one. Just like as shown below;

Ex. In our case, daylifetips is our keyword, below is the result;

Step 4. View the Individual Password

Once you have found the password that you were looking for, you can now view by clicking the eye icon just beside the password. This will open a window asking you to input your PC’s password for security reasons. Just as follows;

Once you type the password correctly, click OK and the password in question will appear in full.

View Saved Passwords on Microsoft Edge

On Microsoft Edge, the process is just the same as in Chrome. You tap the 3 dots, then hit settings, and finally go to passwords. Below is an image to guide you;

View Saved Passwords on Opera

Opera is another browser used by many. To check saved passwords on Opera, follow the process below;

  • Click on the Opera icon at the top left corner, then hit settings
  • Go to Advanced settings, then privacy and security
  • Scroll down to Autofill, then click passwords
  • Hit show al passwords then enter your Windows passwords then view


The process of viewing saved passwords is almost the same in all browsers. It does not matter the browser you are using, as long as you know the method for retrieving the saved passwords, you are good to go. Follow the above guide and you will be able to view saved passwords successfully.


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