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Technology has really helped many people in various ways. Google meet has been the go to application especially when you want to have a video virtual meeting with another person. It could be your customer/client or even a colleague at work. This application is very easy to use since you just go to your browser and then navigate the options offered. With google meet, you can share your videos and even your screen.

Video Call on Google Meet

The following steps will guide you through the process of having a meeting on google meet.

Step 1. On your Browser, type Google Meet

To access google meet, you need to actually be on your browser, then type the name of the application. This will take you to a google meet page where you can now proceed. Such a page will appear;

Step 2. Click on New Meeting

In order to start a meeting, ensure that you click on the option of New Meeting as shown below;

Once you click on new meeting, the following options will appear;

Browse the options above and see that which suits you best. For our case, we shall start an instant meeting.

Step 3. Hit Join now

When you select start instant meeting, a screen will appear with two visible options, join now and present. The first option allows you to start a meeting and the second option allows you to share your screen with those you are in the meeting with. But before you do the sharing, you need to first join the meeting, then you can invite others.

The moment you have joined, the option to allow your camera and microphone to be used appears. You can choose not to allow the camera if you just want an audio.

Step 5. Add others

Since you definitely won’t be having the meeting by yourself, this is the point where you will be adding other people. You can add them directly from google meet by sending them the link via email or by copy pasting the link then sending them via email, WhatsApp, or any other chat spot.

When you add other people and an invite link is sent to them, they will still not be able to join the meeting unless you allow them by giving them permission.

Additional Information

There are so many other juicy options you can browse on google meet. Just like as shown in the picture below;

Aside the above, there are many other changes and alterations you can make before or even when the call is live.


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