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Audio control is one of the most important aspects especially when it comes to your system, thus Ear Trumpet. Windows being the most widely used Operating System has to have got the best audio control. With the Ear Trumpet third party application, many Windows user can now get the audio experience they have been longing for. In order to be able to control volume for each application on Windows, this utility is best suited for such tasks. Other programs do not do well in this sector, and thus the essence of this article.

Features of Ear Trumpet

  • You get to visualize how your audio is
  • You can control the volume of each app separately
  • You can set default playback devices for each app
  • With the utility, you get automatic updates via the Microsoft Store
  • This tool supports light/dark mode and all other accent colors
  • Easy to access from the taskbar menu on show hidden icons

Use Ear Trumpet to Control Volume of Each App on Windows

The article below will equip you on how to install the volume controller and utilize it on your Windows system. You can also learn more about Ear Trumpet on Github.

Step 1. Download/get, then Launch Ear Trumpet

To get this utility, go to Microsoft Store on your Windows system then search for Ear Trumpet. Once you find it, click on get, to download the tool, just as shown below;

NB/ To access Ear Trumpet, on the far right of your taskbar, click on the show hidden icons section.

Step 2. Use Ear Trumpet

With this tool, you can be able to reduce or increase volume of multiple applications individually. You do not have to use the master volume anymore. For example, if you want to reduce the volume in Google Chrome, you just adjust it, like as shown below;

Adjust the volume accordingly on the highlighted section, in the image above.

Step 3. You can change Ear Trumpet Color

If it looks too normal for you, you can actually spice it up by changing its color. To do this, right click on your desktop, tap on personalize, click on colors, then head over to choose accent colors, and scroll down to Windows colors and choose the color you want. The color of this application will change according to the colors you select.


And finally, toggle show accent colors on start, taskbar, and action center.


From the above description, using Ear Trumpet is actually easy and fun. You just download then it will be launched automatically. In case you do not see this utility on show hidden icon, you might want to restart your PC to see. You can also search this tool through the search box on the start button.

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