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As a newbie in the computer stuff, at times you get to set up some things that later will or might not make sense to you. When this happens, you always want to rectify those mistakes at some point. One of the things that many mess up in is regarding their user account details such as names, emails and many more. Below is a comprehensive article that will help you get your details and information right.

Updating Administrator User Account details on Windows 10

Well, lets delve into getting your account details the right way. Follow the guide below and everything will go back to the normal or even better.

Step 1. Click on start and go to user

On the start icon on your desktop, when you click on it, you are met with some options. However, since the main aim is changing the account details, you need to head over to user, as shown below;

Step 2. Right Click on the User and open change account settings

On our instance above, right click on Val, this will give you an option to change account settings as shown;

Once this is done you will receive a set of options.

Step 3. Click on manage my Microsoft Account

Just as highlighted in the picture below, you need to click on manage my Microsoft account.

This will take you directly onto your browser, as shown in the next step.

Step 4. Sign in through your default browser

Here, you need to sign in with your email and password then proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Click on the User Name

Just click on the user name as shown below;

Step 6. Edit your user account details

Here, you will be given so many options you can change, could be your date of birth, name, profile photo and many more. Just change as you desire, as shown below;

You can also explore the options below, available on the same page,


To change your user account details, the steps you need are provided above. You also need to explore other options provided until you exhaust that which you wanted to change.


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