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It is quite an easy task to uninstall programs, however, many fail to use the command prompt, which is much easier to work with. Many people have gotten used to the normal uninstallation where you start from the control panel. This the uninstallation that is very common on Windows. Well, below is an article that will help you know how to uninstall programs from command prompt.

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Step 1. Open Command Prompt

To open command prompt on Windows, you just type cmd, then ensure that you run as administrator. For the uninstallation to be executed successfully, ensure that you run command prompt as administrator. Just as shown;

Step 2. Type WMIC on Command Prompt

Doing this will help you gain root access to Windows. One you have typed wmic, press enter. Just like as shown on the image below;

Step 3. List all the Programs Available

Just for better confirmation, you need to know the installed programs available on your system. So that when you uninstall programs, you can confirm whether they/it is gone or not. To do this, type product get name. Just as shown;

Step 3. Choose the program to Uninstall then Execute

From the list, just like as shown in step. 2, choose the program that you want to uninstall. For our case, Bluejeans.

Step 4. Type in the Command for Uninstall

Once you have chosen the program to uninstall, type in the command that will help you execute the uninstallation task successfully. This is shown below;

N/B You can replace bluejeans with any other program you want to uninstall. Also, ensure that you agree for the uninstallation to happen by typing Y for Yes.

This is how you know, the uninstallation was successful.

You can also check if everything went well, by typing in product get name, to see if the just uninstalled program will still be listed or not. Check image below;

If you compare the image above with the one in step.3, you will see that bluejeans is missing in the one above. Meaning that the uninstallation process was successful.

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