Having covered the above, here are some of the characteristics of individuals with low self esteem.

1. They feel guilty often.

These individuals always find themselves saying sorry for everything including some things they shouldn’t be sorry for. They always feel that they are on the wrong because they are used to being told that they have not done enough.

2. They get angry easily.

Any comment made to them whether in good faith or as a joke, they take it negatively because they do not trust everything about themselves. They mostly concentrate on their faults to the point they think that any comment made is directed to their flaws.

3. They are very shy.

Take for example in meetings and any other open venture. People with low self esteem find it hard to express their thoughts to the public even if they have one of the best ideas, they just miss out on their chance to be heard because they are shy. All because they fear being judged.

4. They are full of negativity.

In all that they do, these individuals always expect things to turn out negative because they do not believe in themselves. Even when things go well, they still doubt how it came by.

5. They do not believe in themselves.

They are used to phrases such as ‘you can’t do it’, to the extend that they now believe it as part of them. They feel that there is nothing they can do by their own without other people’s help.

6. They dislike compliments.

To people with low self esteem, they feel that they are not worth much to the point that when they are complimented, they render it as an attack and thus they do not appreciate any comment whether positive or negative.

7. They love to be alone.

These people fear to associate freely with others because they fear being rejected by those he/she tries to mingle with. This is because rejection to them is a common thing and in everything they do they try at all costs to avoid experiencing it.

8. They do not talk enough nor freely.

This is because they fear that they are going to be judged for what they say or rather they fear that what they say will be the wrong thing and people will demean them for it.

9. They self loathe.

This is mostly depicted on how they behave, they live a life of unworthiness and lack of self care. It does not bother them what they do to themselves, they do not dress to their satisfaction. They even dislike their own actions.

10. Desire to please everyone.

Since you feel that you do not deserve any good from others, you will always feel like making them feel good by giving in to all their requests. This is usually done, so that you may feel some love from them or at times just to please them.


People with low self esteem are not bad people, these are just people who were disadvantaged to have a non-supportive background that made them feel inadequate in one way or another. These people were exposed to so much harshness for every wrong they did which made them lose self believe.

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