Communication is key in most relationships. Actually it is one of the main qualities needed for any relationship to work. Communication brings about understanding, more love, joy, laughter, respect and happiness. Without communication, everything tends to shatter, that is why it is essential to uphold and improve communication every time. The following ways might help you improve communication and better your relationship in general.

1. Always be honest to each other

Honesty is the key to your loved one’s heart. You give them the assurance to open up to you without having to worry about what they should or should not tell you since you are open to one another. They will be able to trust you enough to tell you what they might have been holding it in. Becoming honest to your partner prompts them to be honest with you also, thus the communication never dies.

2. Show respect to your partner each day

Showing respect plays a huge role in improving communication in any relationship. Respect is applied in each and every aspect and once you decide to implement this in your relationship too, then you will begin to witness better communication. Respect is depicted on how attentive you are, how kind you are when handling a situation even when you are pissed, and how polite you are when answering some stuff. Do you think if you are rude to your partner, they will still aspire to have a chat with you? No, learn to show them that you are the best person to talk to in the world though you might not have all the answers, you are still there to just listen.

3. Be a good listener and take note of your partner’s concerns

So many people are very good listeners but poor at implementing what they heard. Some communications require more attention than the others. At times, in the conversations you have with your partner, there are some points that you need to pick in order to help your partner cope with certain situations, especially when they feel down. But if you find it hard to help your partner through a hard situation, then you might not really have been listening. As a result, they might choose to not open up to you, since they feel you are not listening keenly. With this, communication tends to fade away.

4. Apologize to your partner when you are wrong

Does everything have to end up in a heated argument just because your ego is way at the top of your head? No, then you need to learn to own up to your mistakes and apologize. This is all your partner ever needs to see. They need to feel that they can have a chat with you, without having it end in chaos. Do not make him/her, not want to talk/handle situations with you because they know, it always ends up in blame game, that they are always on the wrong. Attempt to grow your conversations to the better by taking responsibility for your actions.

5. Practice empathy

Many individuals long for a partner who listens and understand’s them. Not a person who would criticize them every time they try and talk about anything. There is so much peace and comfort finding that person who would not make you feel bad in whatever thing you tell them about your life. All through those imperfections and flaws, you need a person who is always there to listen to you and help you solve some issues.

6. Try not to always colonize the conversation

Good communication usually involves both parties. Do not always make everything about yourself. As a result you might make your partner feel inferior and that their thoughts do not matter. I do not think there is a person in the world who enjoys company with a person who makes themselves the topic in every conversation. So in case communication is poor your relationship, then you need to dig deeper for issues such as the above, then try to accommodate your partner also when you are having talks.

7. Spice up your communication and cut on the complaints

Do you love to complain? Then there is the root of your communication problems. You know a little of appreciation and love in your talks wouldn’t hurt, in fact it encourages more getaways and longer talks about life, goals, targets and dreams. Most people love diverse talks, from life, love, entertainment dreams and just general thoughts. It makes everything less boring and more fun.


Love and relationships are meant to bring forth joy, love, fun, and great adventures. Communication plays a key role in ensuring that you get the best in your love life. That is why it needs to be improved each day. The above pointers might help once you look closely and find the root cause of the deteriorating communication in your relationship.


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