Once you have a serious partner in your life, you are always haunted with the question of how you can both grow in all aspects of life. From financial, emotional, career wise and even mentally. A growing relationship is healthy, and you can never get to enjoy that love life if you are the only one growing. It becomes a thing for you two to grow once you are together, so when you get the opportunity you can also help your partner grow by doing the following;

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1. Work harder and smarter

When you have a partner who works day and night to achieve their dreams and provide for the family, it tends to give you a urge to also chase your goals and achieve as much. One has to act as a role model to another, or you can both be role models to each other. Having to achieve your targets together brings about the best feeling.

2. Encourage them to learn new skills once in a while

There are so many other skills that can help one develop their career well. The more you build your skills the better the opportunities you get out there. Especially when you have already secured your career yet your partner has not, learn to encourage them to try out new skills whether in their area of expertise or not. You can never lack what to do with such skills.

3. Support their goals and whatever they are after

Whatever career path your loved one decides to take, make sure you are there to support them to the end, even when things seems hard, never give up on them. Wake them up daily and remind them of the goals that they need to achieve. Even when they are on the verge of surrendering, push them harder until they acquire that which they have been working on.

4. Introduce them to greater opportunities

Encourage them to venture into new opportunities, never to fear anything but rather believe in their potential. This will give them the confidence they need to push forward no matter what life throws at them. Let them meet new people those whom they share expertise and diverse knowledge with. Allow them to learn from them and thus be able to develop and move from one level to another.

5. Do not pressure them

Too much pressure leads to stress and poor decision making. If someone has not decided what they want to do, then give them time, be patient and trust their judgement. Not for too long though, but everyone deserves to think about what they will be doing for the most part of their life. Many would appreciate a little time to really focus and make a decision of what they want to do.

6. Just be there

Always be there for your partner. Whether they need you are not, they just need you to be there. Help them out wherever possible, with chores, work, making decisions and with the kids. You gotta be in their business.

7. Having a motivational talk with them

A pep talk goes a long way in helping an individual find the urge to move on. It opens their minds to the available opportunities out there. Encouraging them towards not giving up helps them to realize their dreams even when times are hard. Talk to them about what you think of their journey to success, the best approach they can take and show them that you are there to back them up in all seasons.

8. Challenge them

One thing that most people do not realize is that challenges important in any type of your career you decide to take. They improve your thinking, the approach you take when tackling your issues, and generally promote your growth. So, if you really want to help your partner to grow, give them a target, set a schedule for what they want to achieve so that they can improve their speed and focus.


A little push from someone you love in achieving those goals you have been targeting would not hurt. As a matter of fact, you might just get there early because you had a little support on your side.

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