Unless this is just an habit for you, but you will never find yourself complaining in one to another of the love affairs that you find yourself in. This shows that, it is mostly the type of relationship you are in that gets you complaining. To curb this, you need to access the kind of union you get yourself in, if it gets you stressed, then eventually you will find yourself whining most of the time. Below are some of the tips to help you cut complaining;

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1. Uphold trust

One of the top reasons why people complain is as a result of distrust. In this case, you will find that whatever your partner does seems suspicious and as a result, you get to question their every move. Which to them does not work well. It becomes a pattern of whining here and there thus disrupting the peace in the relationship. So, if you feel you do not trust your partner, and eventually find its the truth and you are not at peace in the relationship. Try and talk out issues with them and if it is not working, then find your own peace elsewhere. Do not just stay where you feel you are not priority is it will always trigger a defense mechanism, which in most cases called “complaints.”

2. Talk about what is eating

Complains arises when there is something hurting you within. At times someone can wrong you and forget that they or to them do not see it as a big deal, just a petty issue that can be ignored. However, to you it is terribly eating you and hence complaints begin to stream in. To curb this, the moment someone wound you and does not acknowledge their wrong, do not wait for long, just approach them and explain them how they hurt you. And you will realize that it saves from pain and misunderstandings from your partner.

3. Improve communication

Communication is a key element to making relationships work. It helps in making things transparent to both partners in the relationship. Assisting in promoting better understanding and knowing how your partner feels regarding some things aids in promoting a better approach when issues arise. However, with poor communication, one individual in the relationship will be struggling to be heard. And as a result will use all means to ensure that they are not disregarded, often most sought to complaining without even knowing.

4. Be with someone who appreciates and loves you

When you are with someone who is appreciative of you and loves you, things are much easier, there will be better understanding, more respect and most importantly less complaining. However, if you are with someone who does the opposite of the above, you will not be at peace, more stressed and hence more complaining since there is no understanding between the two of you.

5. Be more understanding

What leads to better understanding starts with being a good listener. Before you talk or make any conclusions, you need to learn to hear first and digest what has been said before reacting. As a result your approach will be much more calm and peaceful. Your partner is not always on the wrong, it could be you that is a poor listener and as a result you react without understanding why something happened that way.

6. Promote patience

Being patient with someone you love shows a true display of love. Patience plays a key role in helping you see beyond your partner’s faults. Often you would find people complaining about how their partner does things when in the real sense have not given them a chance to change or rather prove themselves worthy. And what many do not realize is that the ore you complain, the harder your partner will be ready to change or improve.


Do not just throw your relationship away just for a few faults as no one is perfect, but if you think the relationship is the cause of your unhappiness and frequent complaining, look into it. Check if there is something else you can do about it or maybe you ought to move on.



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