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Most people on daily basis have to battle with the feeling guilt. Maybe as a result of something they did in the past, that they are not happy with. This self-reproach keeps bothering them day by day and eats on their moods. At times they try to be happy, but the self-accusation keeps bothering them. Are you struggling with guilt? Well below are some of the ways you can overcome it?

1. Accept that whatever you did cannot change, and move on

To most people who often feel guilty, they usually think that if this and that had not happened they could have changed the situation. One thing they do not realize is the above statement does not allow them to move forward, but rather drags them behind. However much you think, you cannot change what happened, all you can do is to acknowledge that the situation happened. It saves you a lot of time and gives you a chance to be better.

2. Strive to be better

There are a lot of people out there that are going through what you went through, or about to. You need to do a self assessment to see what you are doing to help the people close to you from experiencing the same situation or rather in fighting it. Aside that, ask yourself what you have been doing to make yourself better than before. Do something that will help you from doing the same mistake. Learn from it and do good.

3. Be understanding on yourself

There is a high chance that the reason you have been struggling with guilt is because, you are not conversant with the phrase, nobody is perfect. Understand that you are human and at one point in time you are bound to make mistakes. Once this sinks in your mind, it will be much easier for you to handle the issue of self-condemnation. However, if you become hard on yourself, the self punishment will keep going.

4. Be apologetic/ Say sorry

Whatever the mistake you made, learn to apologize to the parties affected. The act of being sorry on its own helps you in easing the load of guilt. It won’t all be lifted but at least it wouldn’t be as heavy as before. This will help you move on faster as you have taken responsibility of your acts. As a result, you will realize where you went wrong and strive to be better. This is quite a consolation, you should try it.

5. Forgive yourself

Regret arises when you do not want to let go of the feelings of resentment on yourself for doing what you did. However, once you begin to accept what happened, then empathize with yourself, you will finally be able to forgive. Do not be too hard on yourself, understand that you are just like any other person and by pardoning yourself, you will release the bitterness that is probably building up. As a result, you will be happier and free.

6. Focus on the things you can change

Most people often feel guilty for the things they did in the past, and not what they are yet to do. So, wouldn’t be much better if you diverted the attention you are putting on bygones to the beautiful and better things you are about to do? Yes. The reason is, you can determine your next approach towards things ahead, and not the steps you took a while back.

7. Be positive

Being positive, means being optimistic and waiting on the best. If you adopt this value, your mind will be much better at driving out guilt as it is occupied by things that are bound to make your life better. Do not let yourself or mind be idle, as negative thoughts could be attracted, be busy and think hopefully.

8. Live a life of gratitude

Well, gratitude is far much greater that any negative feeling that is overwhelming you. Being thankful for everything that you have kinda blocks negative thoughts, for example guilt and regret. Be thankful for the food, the life you have, the opportunity you get each day and the family members that got your back. The more the gratitude you show, the lesser you feel guilty.

9. Forget the past

If only people could leave the past in the past, most problems could be evaded. Whatever the mistakes you did, could have been yesterday or the other day, leave them there and concentrate on what you are doing better in the present. Focus on changing today and tomorrow as an improvement from yesterday’s wrongs.


Everyone goes through a season of guilt and they come out of it eventually. Do not let what you are going through ruin your life, but instead find ways to overcome it and learn from them. The above pointers could help you in one way or another, you should adopt some.

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