A weakness is anything that brings you down from reaching your potential. Take for example, time wastage, laziness and lack of aggressiveness while chasing your goals. All the above and many others can be considered to be weaknesses. Because they hinder you from achieving what you would have only if you did something to help tackle the issues. Everyone has a weakness, and with many thirsting to get rid of it, they try and find ways to help them do it. Some of the following hints could help you deal with your weaknesses squarely.

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1. Recognize the weakness

One area that people tend to mess up in is the inability to recognize and accept that they have a problem somewhere. Most importantly is they do not even pinpoint the type of problem they got. As a result, in an attempt to overcome the bad habit, they get stuck at the course of the journey. Well, have you been asking yourself why you never get to eradicate those bad habits? The answer could be you have failed to recognize that problem and really get it in your mind that, it is what has been shielding you from achieving that which you want. However, they moment you begin to accept that you got a certain problem and are not defensive about it when someone else pinpoints it to you, then you have taken the most important step in the journey to overcome it. But, if you keep on acting as though you do not have that weakness, then you are undermining the probability of changing for the better.

2. Come up with a solid plan

There are plans and solid plans. The kind of plan you got determines whether things will work out for you or not. Solid plans are made when someone is tired of failing and what to make changes for real once and for all. For plans, everyone can come up with it and mostly they do not usually live to be achieved. So, when it comes to a weakness that you have recognized it to be a problem in your life. You ought to come up with an arrangement that will ensure that the bad habit is eradicated. And since it is a sound plan, you will definitely ensure that you follow it to the later until you see some better changes in the process of combating the weakness.

3. Be consistent with the positive habits

To curb a bad habit, you need to replace it with a good one. Take for example an individual who is trying to do away with laziness and idleness. This person ought to find something to do, make themselves busy at all times, try and wake up early so that they can utilize their time well. However, if you just sit around not finding what to do, you will eventually resume to the old you. But, if you keep up the good habits on daily basis, depending on the weaknesses you intend on dealing with, in the end you will develop awesome habits. So, whenever, you are dealing with a certain type of weakness find its opposite habits and incorporate where the problem lies. If the problem lies with time wastage then aspire to be a good time manage by waking up early and planning before hand how you will spend your day.

4. Never give up

Giving up is quite easy but the consequences are unbearable. Putting in effort is not cheap, it takes a lot of your energy, time and sleep, however the fruits are juicer in the end. So before you give up working on the weaknesses you ought to eradicate, think of the consequences that could arise as a result of not attempting to curb it. I guarantee you that everything has a consequence, so, you better be patient and persevere knowing that in the end things will be much greater, than not putting in any effort and eventually suffer the consequences. Take for example if you keep up with laziness, you will definitely waste a lot of time, and not achieve anything in life. But if you work on getting rid of the bad habit, you will reap great, because you will learn to utilize your time and make it work to your advantage.

5. Make it a mission to achieve that which you have set

Each time you wake up in the morning, what drives you? If you do not have something to say here, you need to look into your life, your goals and everything in general. If you put it in your mind that by the end of a certain period of time, I need to have overcome this weakness, then do not sway from it. Remind yourself each morning and evening what your mission is. This will help you throughout your day and every morning until it is strongly cemented in your mind, so that it does not get other fancy thoughts against the main plan.


These are just a few of the many ways that you can adopt to help you deal with your weaknesses. Do not just sit around and think that it is in born and there is nothing you can do about it. There is definitely many things you can do to turn around that weakness and form a strength from it. Life is about being vigorous, taking the bull by its horns so that you can be in full control of it. Do not allow anything that you have the power over control you. Weaknesses such as laziness can really take full control over an individual and hence shatters all hopes of making their future bright.



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