Past experiences have a tendency of haunting someone’s present. Emotional torture is a form of attack that captures the mind of an individual making them feel as though they are not enough. It makes them lose their sense of self worth and value. This is actually among the most numbing attacks on an individual, because once a person is no longer conscious of what their real capabilities and worth is, it could paralyze a lot of things in their life. It can be as a result of continuous humiliation, constant abuse in a relationship, bullying and repeated rejection among many more. Below are some of the ways that can help you come out of it;

1. Focus on the present

In order to overcome anything that happened to you in the past, you ought to forget it. And to do so, you have to stop focusing on it and direct your attention on the present and future. When you do this, you give your mind a chance to think about the ways you can adopt to make the present better. But, if you make the mistake of reliving what happened in the past, there is a high chance that you will sink deeper and not find your self worth.

2. Start the journey of rediscovering yourself

This means you need to learn to appreciate, love, reassure, and treasure yourself. One of the top enemies of yourself is you. Tame those negative thoughts and begin to find peace and love within you. You need to learn to know your value as an individual first then second, others can see that light in you. If you focus on shining by yourself, no one around you will have the power to put off that shine.

3. Talk to someone

Sometimes all it takes for you to come out of that darkness you are in is by talking to someone you feel will understand you and help you overcome those issues. There are s many people out there who have gone through similar situations and their aim has been to also help others come out of such circumstances.

4. Be positive

Positivity actually plays a key role in changing your mind to think positively. On another note, encouraging positive thoughts helps to shut out the negative ones. As a result, gradually you begin to learn to have better thoughts about yourself and what you can do. Emotional torture tends to paralyze the ability for one to think of themselves positively, hence being positive acts as an antidote.

5. Associate with people who value you

If an individual has had a hard time with countless humiliation and rejection from people close to them, the first step they should take is find better people who will actually add value to their lives. Those are the people who encourage them when they feel down, the ones who keep reminding them of their worth and value etc. Do not tolerate individuals who are digging a pit for you.

6. Strive to be a better version of you

By ensuring that you are always working to your best, you will be able to get rid of thoughts that make you feel less of yourself. You will be in a position to realize your potential and capabilities. Being idle and assuming the victim mentality will not get you anywhere because you will still feel as though you are not enough. However, the moment you step up and decide to strive for the better, past bad emotions will no longer be part of you anymore.

7. Do not rely on the past

Many people have not realized that the past actually does not play any important role in shaping your future. Anything that has a past in it should be left where it belongs, and that is the past. No matter what you went though, try and use it positively to help catapult you to the next level. And in case, it is not helping you reach your potential, forget it and you will see better results in your life.


Your mind is the most important part of your body and should be guarded by all means. Reason being, whatever you think and believe you are in your mind, that is exactly who you are. Emotional torture tends to feed the mind with negative thoughts that bring you nothing but misery.



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