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There is one thing that women are mostly known for, gossip. Well, who does not like interesting stories about things and people? There are a few instances where gossip does not apply, for example, business meetings and those other formal meetings. Whether in the salon, shop, with friends, date, and even out for lunch, women like to tell stories. However, this is not the only topic they talk about, there are others which include;

1. Dating

Well, this topic is usually the sweetest of all. Finding out who your friends are rolling with, whether they are single, engaged and who they dumped the past week. And to be honest, this subject usually takes the longest time as it got juicy details.

2. Family Planning

Being the most informative topic, it does not also end shortly. Actually it where you can get to know the best methods, the bad ones and those that you should never try. Everyone here shares their experiences on each, thus helping others not to make the same mistakes and what to adopt.

3. Pregnancies

Often, this matter lies on labour room experiences, pregnancy episodes with the challenges faced, and most importantly who the father is if you are not married or engaged. The most part of this discussion is educative and a little bit of sweet nonsense.

4. Their kids

This is for those who got kids. The point mostly lies on the type of food good for kids, help on training your child to do this or that, the type of medication used for certain allergies, all through experiences. Quite helpful especially for first time mothers.

5. Men in general

Juicy I tell you. This is a never miss topic for women who happen to meet up. Well, what do you expect, it is the opposite gender and some things require clarifications.

6. Gossip

What better way to start a discussion than with hot dripping gossip. This gets everyone in the scene, full focus, concentration and determination. Even they wouldn’t hear a low flying helicopter passing by.

7. Clothes, shoes and fashion in general

Looking good is the first priority for women. Hence, you wouldn’t expect them to not talk about the topic that gets them slaying. They generally discuss where to get good shoes, tops, coats, scarfs, dresses, skirts and lingerie.

8. Make up

Good make up deserves a recommendation right? Without forgetting that this is what brings out their good looks, they would definitely talk about it.

9. Hair

As you know women like to have good hair, so, when they see something they like they do not keep shut about it. This conversations starts with, “hey I love your hair/wig.” This does not end here, it is followed by where it was purchased from, the price, how many people have commented about it and things like that.


So, in instances where your wife/girl goes out and delays to come back. Do not be worried, all she tried to do was attempt to cover all the above topics in a short time. And the important thing is she’s back, period.


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