Life is not just about finding your purpose, it is more about living that purpose that is working on it and actualizing it. If you have a dream and do not work on it then it is just of no importance. But you have something in mind and strive to make it a reality then that is all what life is. Most people have not reached their full potential, why? Because they are sitting on their dream. Learn to work towards that which will make you shine.

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The following tips will help you work out your purpose;

1. Managing your time well

The reason why most dreams remain unhacked is because many people just waste their time. Time is an essential factor in life, it can either make your life miserable or prosperous depending on how you utilize it. Learning how your brain works and making time work for you is the key to unlocking that which you have been envisioning. Aspire to understand ways that will help you use your time well and plan your schedule accordingly. Not just planning it but also adhering to it.

2. Learn from the best

There are people out there who have gone through the same path and are willing to help you if you ask. Be vigorous in the journey and you will just land where you want to be. Why? Because you will evade from making the same mistakes they did. However, you will not avoid other mistakes because no one is perfect. You also need to remember that a few faults are good because they will make you stronger and help enhance your knowledge on things.

3. Be a book lover

In most cases, very successful individuals are book lovers. They have a library of them in their homes. They always want to expand their knowledge in many areas. You will always need a book or two in a certain sector to better grasp some principles. Enlightenment is for those who are aspiring to make their dreams real. So be one and you will see things come to place.

4. Get updated on new things

The world is evolving and so you also need to evolve. Learn about what is in the market, what are people not doing right, what is lacking, what are the problems that people are facing out there, and by all means try and bring a solution to those things. Work better and smarter so that you do not get left behind. Roll with what is needed and much more.

5. Be opiniated and mingle with crowds

The more you bring about opinions to people the better you get diverse perspectives and even get solutions to problems. Do not just be a loner, you need to hear other options that could even be better than yours then apply to whatever you are envisioning. This way, you will move much faster and actualize your purpose.

6. Block those negative thoughts

Your mind is bound to roam, but when this happens ensure that is wandering on the opposite direction from the negativity. People do not actualize their purpose because they paid attention to negative stuff which shatters any progress. To do this better, be firm in your principles and believe in your dream. Negative thoughts not only sway your stand but also blurs you from seeing the good side of what you are chasing.


Any dream/purpose is achievable, it just depends on how you choose to handle it. And since the choice is yours to make, if you are really serious on actualizing it, nothing will stand in your way, as long as you know your stand and where you are going. Never allow anyone to discourage you unless there is a better option with a better approach.



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