At times in relationships, it is not all smiley and joy, there are ups and downs. And when this happens, you need to be careful how you handle it so that you do not have issues escalating. So when this happens it is good to be vigilant on what next. The following are some of the things you should not do;

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1. Bruise their moods more

Do not talk of anything that could get their emotions bruised even further. Just because they are not happy it does not mean you get a chance to make them feel more miserable. This is the time that you should act more loving and understanding. Do not try and punish them in any way. Anything you feel could hurt them more, do not show nor tell them.

2. Talk of bad memories

Some individuals love to take advantage of a situation. When they find you unhappy they make sure to bring up some awful topic that you had in the past. It could be the intention was not to make you more sad, but still, why would you talk about sad situations when someone is unhappy? This is the time that encouragements should be plenty and not discouragement.

3. Sulk

When your partner is sad, do not decide on that day to sulk too. Just because they are not happy, does not mean you should be unhappy too. Then what will be the environmental mood there? Whenever your partner is sad, try and be the light in the situation. Attempt in any way to brighten their mood, not demean it. Because if you both decide to sulk, nothing good comes out of the situation.

4. Act bossy

This is the time that you should be as caring as possible. Try in any way not to make them feel mistreated. Why? Because when someone is hurt, there is a high probability of things getting worse. Being kind and polite to them does not hurt in any way it even helps lift their moods and in no time, be their self again.

5. Make it a laughing matter

Take for example your partner is sad about something and all you do all day talk on phone while laughing your lungs out. Try as much as possible to relate with them, think of how they feel watching you laugh your lungs out. If you really care for them, you would try and be reasonable with their situation. Do not just brush their situation as nothing, get to the root of it and understand why they are feeling that way.

6. Act like you do not care

Have you ever been in a situation where your partner ignored you knowing well that you are not happy. That must have bruised you hard, so do not do them this. Once you realise that something is bothering them, look into it and try to know what is hailing them. Even if they are not willing to talk about it at the moment, be patient with them, until they are ready to open up to you. This shows the individual that they matter to you and that you got their issues at heart too.

7. Make them feel guilty

This comes in when a time came where you had faced a similar situation yet he/she did not act they way they ought to. So since they are going through the same issues, you want to show them how wrong they were by doing to them what they did to you. This is in no way helping, instead you are making the situation worse for them and for you too. Because you are not making them be the better person. The only way you can correct an individual is being kind to them even if they did not do the same to you. Relationships are all about learning from each other and improving not going back. Always keep that in mind.


No relationship is perfect that is why each day is designed for improvement and learning from your mistakes. Always aspire to be better to your partner and they will aspire to be best to you. Uphold love, respect, trust and understanding in your relationships and you will see things fall well into place.



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