You can have a house and not a home. Usually most people say that the wife is the one that makes a house a home, it could be because of the coziness they bring to the house, the joy or laughter and the children, I do not know. However, even single people can make their house a home, to say the least anyone can. Below are some of the things that I think contribute in making your house homey.

1. Cosy and welcoming

Have you ever entered a house that is so warm and welcoming? Giving you the feeling to keep staying.Well, that would be an example of a home. Any home should be comforting, bringing you joy and a sense of belonging. Not one that feels like it is haunted, cold and staying there feels like sitting on a stone.

2. Great meals

The tasty food and aroma is what usually makes people miss home. Actually good food is the key to anyone’s heart. Take for example a restaurant known for good food and another famous for the opposite. The later restaurant will always be empty/deserted while the other one will be full on daily basis. Just because the food is usually served hot and as per the expectations, when you are there, you feel as though you have reached home. To make your house homey, always opt for good food that will keep increasing your family’s bond.

3. Laughter

No one ever wants a house full of sadness, that is not a home, it is like being in a structure meant for sadness. A home is where you laugh, love, reminisce good memories and enjoy your time. Share experiences with your loved ones, plan what to do next, eat together and read stories to one another. People do not usually realize that laughter heals even the deepest scars. It brings back who you are, all this is found in a home not a house.

4. Family

Well, most of the things have mentioned above, you cannot enjoy them alone. A good laughter experience happens when with loved ones, not when you are alone because people would think you are insane. Good meals are best when you have someone to share with. Family is a key component to every home, it breathes life into a structure converting it into a home.

5. Togetherness

The factor above is what makes up a family. A divided family, does not get to laugh, share good meals, nor plan together hence no home. Togetherness results from love and care for each individual. A home stands to be called a home when oneness is upholded that no matter the case, an agreement is reached.

6. Plenty of Love, with no secrets

This is the most important catalyst to making a house homey. A home filled with love is family. Secrets brings division and shatters families. However, with plenty of love, transparency becomes the norm and togetherness is a routine. A place where people share openly, are comfortable, happy and laugh together is a home.


A home is important in the up bringing of each individual. It instills happiness, self love, togetherness/family, a sense of belonging, purpose and freedom & openness. All these contribute in the personal growth and development of a person. And this is the reason why each parent should aspire to create a home and not a house for their kids.

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