Character is the general way an individual behaves after a series of considerations regarding their daily habits. This is one thing that most people tend to adopt gradually during their growth. They learn to act they way they are as a result of the things they encounter in their development journey.

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These factors include the following;

1. Your background

Your background affects so much they way you will behave in future. The things you will love doing and those that you will hate. Even though people grow to develop their own passions, there are those things that you might never shun because of the background that you were brought up in. Take for example growing up with very strict parents/guardians who never give you an opportunity to express yourself. Where even the thought of approaching them alone freaks you out because you know that the outcome will not be good. This kind of treatment diminishes your confidence and even in future you might have a problem expressing yourself because that is not how you were taught.

2. Your friends

The statement, “tell me your friends and I will tell you your character,” plays a key role here. Your allies affect they way you act in one way or another. Even if you got some firm principles, some thoughts regarding the things they say will keep haunting you trying to somehow sway your stands. Take for example friends who are driven by easy money and engage in all they dirty games you know of to get cash. Well, even if you do not get to engage in any of this soon, you are bound to think of it. And in the end get the “hard work never pays” notion into your head and eventually join your peers.

3. School

School is where you meet so many characters. Some you despise others you admire. Well, depending on the type of trend that is on your school, you could easily get adopted in the system. The environment that you are in, takes a lot of your attention and time and within no time, there is something you are bound to take up. Take for example, an educational center with no cheating in exams, here, there is a high probability that you will develop and work out with integrity and honesty.

4. The social media

This is a platform which everyone access. The social media is where you meet every individual, including the celebrities that you look up to. Regarding the role model you admire, you always want to act as they act. However, at times you obsess so much on things that will not help you in any way to grow. So, in the journey you get lost and lose purpose in your life. There is character that is worth adopting and others that only bring about hopelessness, so choose wisely.

5. The type of materials you read

The mind is an important aspect in anyone’s life. Whatever you feed your mind will definitely be portrayed in your character. If you take in so much negativity in whatever you watch or read, then that is exactly how you will behave. But, if you learn to consume things that bring hope in your life, then you will have a high probability of winning in everything you do. Whatever is in your mind, will have an impact in your actions and results.

6. Your work place

There is always a new thing to learn in your workplace considering that there are so many people that you hang around with who definitely have different characters. Some know how to dress well, others love to buy expensive things, others love hitting the gym, and some stick to certain diets to get fit. Of all these habits, you will want to adopt one, maybe to look good, fit or appear classy. A repetition of any of the habits you adopt eventually becomes a character

7. Romantic relationships

Take for example having a partner who loves to cook, right? Every waking day, they want to be the ones in the kitchen and not only that, they know how to prepare very good food. With time, you will also want to make such meals, and with their daily inspiration you might just unlock your passion for cooking or maybe only learn to prepare delicious meals. On the negative side, imagine having a partner who is very abusive, whether emotionally or physically. This should not be taken lightly, such a person will ruin your self esteem to the point that you no longer fit in any crowd. Why? Because with time you will begin to believe whatever they say about you and as a defense mechanism, you disassociate with everyone, as you fear to be judged.

8. General barriers and encounters you faced in life

There are so many challenges and growth problems out there that help shape you in one way or another. They could be hard challenges or even positive encounters that help harden or soften you. All the above have huge impacts on your character in many ways. Take for example an individual who has always faced a lot of rejection in life, in such a person, you will often see some defensive character in them because they are always ready to defend themselves after everything they have gone through.


There is good character and bad character. And not all people have moral character, some considering the things they went through while growing developed/adopted some unworthy character traits. However, what many do not realize is that they still got a choice to shun the unworthy ones and take up the good ones. All this lies in an individual’s decision.

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