There are so many signs that each individual has experienced in common when their relationship was almost hitting rock bottom. Well, some experience different versions of each but cumulatively in the end causes break ups. Each of the following points individually does not lead to ending of the relationship, but when all become frequent in the union, you can be sure you are not heading to the joyful part.

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The following are some of the common signs that people get before they cut ties with their loved ones.

1. The normal phone calls begin to depreciate

There is this phrase that states “no matter how busy someone is, they will always find time for you if you are the priority.” I do not know if this makes sense, but at least you get what I mean. Without blaming it on change of jobs and many other factors, but for someone who loves you, they will inform you about how work is loaded and they wont manage to call or text at certain times. And when they call, you will be sure to know if they were genuine or not. However, when all these begin to depreciate, you will definitely know that something is up.

2. The vibe in the relationship diminishes

There is usually that sparkle which exists in general when you are both in love. However, when things are not going that well, you will begin to feel a fade in the vibe. The initial heart skip will no longer be there. It begins to feel you are in a forced relationship. Or rather, you are the only one trying to make things work when your partner is not even lifting a finger. When the sparkle fades, you begin to be bored and tired with each other. Just sitting there waiting for things to end.

3. No more infatuations and sex drive

It could be both partners or just one. When one does not seem interested in you anymore, things are not heading in the right direction. Partners need to always feel wanted, and sex drive should be a mutual feeling. There are so many reasons aside from health factors that could explain why your partner does not want you in the above way anymore. Of which are mostly negative and does not do any justice to the relationship.

4. Excuses of “I am or was busy” become rampant

There are so many ways to communicate rather than just ‘I am busy’. For someone who loves you, they will find the most understanding and polite way to tell you how engaged they are in their work. An overdo of being busy all the time is also a red alert. It shows that someone could be avoiding you, they are not interested in talking to you or rather they are tired of you. No one is busy all the time, and someone who cares for you will always squeeze in to ensure they text or call you even if it is just for a little bit.

5. The use of I in most of the achievements become a daily dose

Have you had someone who used to adore you and included you in everything they do. But all of a sudden, they begin to exclude you in their plans, goals and achievements? Where they used we is replaced with I. That kind of person does not envision the future with you. However, if the relationship just started, patience is important, they need to trust and no more about you before they make any plans.

6. The phone’s security is upgraded from you, new passwords and patterns applied

When things are still good in the relationship, their phone is kinda yours too, because there are no encryptions on them, and if there are any, you are very aware of what they are. But when the relationship is on rocks, their phone becomes a no touch phone. You are barred from accessing it at all, and if they find you doing it, they become so furious. This is a clear indication that someone is keeping secrets, mostly not good for the relationship.

7. Lone events become the thing

Going out by themselves become rampant. They no longer take you out with them like they used to. It is like they now want to keep you a secret or rather there is something they do not want you seeing wherever they are often going.

8. Staying late is the trend

Leave alone those who work nightshift or have changed jobs that need them until late. Take for example who for a long time have always been home before a certain time, and suddenly they begin to come home very late and when asked they dismiss or even get angry. This is far from normal because there are so many negative reasons that could explain this.


The above highlights do no exactly lead to a relationship end because there is always an opportunity for change. However, if after everything nothing seems to get better, they will probably end it or maybe you end it.



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