Insecurity originates from many areas, and mostly your past. For example past relationships, your background and even the friends you had. So many people who have faced a lot of rejection in the previous lives, have a hard time trusting any current relationships they are in. To overcome this, you ought to learn to love yourself as an individual, hence any outside attacks from people will not put down your self esteem. Below are some of the signs that could indicate you are insecure;

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1. When your partner is away you can’t keep calm

Well, do not misunderstand this for missing someone. In the case of insecurity, you never trust your partner. You think that anytime they are away, they are probably cheating on you. All you feel is they can easily cheat on you because you probably are not enough for them. Or maybe having experienced the same case in past relationships, you think that will be the trend for you in any relationship you are involved in. Well, this is not the case, some people will love you for who you really are. In case, you are struggling with this, learn to handle it as it could ruin your worthy relationship. Learn to be open to your partner, and tell them what you are struggling with.

2. Anytime they miss a call, you think they did it on purpose

An insecure mind is full of so many negative thoughts. Every action seems to be targeting you negatively. It could be as a result of a busy schedule and they called after, but still you will have a certain void of dissatisfaction. If you find yourself escalating a small issue into a huge one, you could be very insecure. Some issues can easily be understood, but if you are struggling with this, you are either insecure or selfish.

3. You keep calling them frequently at work

Well, let’s just say out of the ordinary number calls when they are away, could be at work or anywhere else. Leave alone, the relationship making you insecure. Here, lets focus on being insecure as a person even if the relationship is intact. Because if the relationship makes you insecure, you can quit. However, if you are insecure as an individual, it could even ruin a good relationship. Frequently calling your partner when they are not near you, could be a top sign that you are insecure.

4. You want to accompany them wherever they go

Well, this is not bad, but what are your true intentions, if you want to go with them so that you can make sure they are not cheating or doing something fishy? Then, it could be a sign insecurity. An insecure person, would not want to see their partner leave them behind, because they feel they can be cheated on easily when they are not around.

5. You do not believe your partner is telling the truth whatsoever

If you are insecure, you tend to lose trust. So when it comes to your partner, you do not trust what they tell you. Say for example you asked them where they were, then give you an answer, however, you find a hard time believing it and even in other occasions. This usually happens when you were in a relationship with a person that was very dishonest. Whom you believed in so much and in the end realized that they were lying to you all along.

6. When a lady friend/ colleague calls, you flinch

Aside being jealous, this could be a sign that you are insecure. This is usually as a result of an unfaithful partner in the past. Who maybe ended up having an affair with someone they said was a friend or a colleague at work. So the thought of the same thing happening to you again makes you feel betrayed. To help you overcome this, learn to let the past go, do not allow it to haunt you and make you feel insecure in good relationships. Give each individual a chance and stop making a reference to the awful relationships you had before.

7. You trust your friends more than your partner

This is not a bad thing, however, you need to also consider the fact that maybe your partner loves you for real and that some friends are fake. And will always plot a plan to ruin a good thing for you. So, if you do not have facts to back up what your “friends” are telling you, give your partner a chance to prove themselves.

8. You always thirst for too much attention

Attention is good and everyone yearns for it, however, demanding for too much tends to compromise other sectors of the relationship. This could make your partner feel suffocated. Besides love, there is also work and effort to be done so that shelter, food and clothing can be afforded. This is kinda selfish, don’t you think? Am not saying you settle for less, but learn to balance your love life and other sectors as well.


Love is good that is why many people are together. If you are an insecure individual, find ways to overcome it. Because it could cause your relationships more harm than good. It could be as a result of past toxic relationship, but you still have to decide to move on from it. Nurture and build your self esteem, love yourself and build your self confidence.



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