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Some days can be boring and depressing, thus requiring a little change of routine to spice it up. Everyone requires a break on their normal routine so that they can get the balance that each individual should have. Thus the essence of trying out something different, anything that can easily lift your moods. The following compilation could help you fight boredom.

1. Try out a new recipe

Whether you love cooking or not, you will always need to eat. And one awesome thing about cooking is that there are a variety of recipes out there that you can try out when preparing your food. In case you find yourself so bored, then a taste of good food prepared by you could be just the thing for you. Find a mouth watering recipe out there and try it out, be patient and love what you are doing, and you might just see good results at the end. I can assure you that this will lift your moods once you find the end result appealing. Even if it will not be the way you wanted, at least you will be happy to have tried it.

2. Reading an interesting novel

Novels give an awesome feeling to those who read it, especially when you find that right one. Being part of the story and following the scenes of it, gets you held up and indulged, as a result through the humor in it, the unpredictability, and the emotional attraction it offers, you get to enjoy every minute & second that you are reading it. Novels keep your mind busy and gets your time well spent.

3. Watching an awesome movie

There is usually that movie that everyone has got on their bucket list, could be sci-fi, christian, horror, or comedy. Well, there couldn’t be any more right time than when you feel your day is dull and needs a little spice up. Watch it during this period and see your mood change to the better. Do not try and waste more time thinking that you are doing something constructive when your moods are low, watch that film and see how more productive you will be, as your mind will be more focused.

4. Engage in one of your hobbies

What is it that you love doing that gets your adrenaline rising. That is exactly what you need when you want to spice your day. It could be swimming, dancing, playing soccer, skipping and even bike riding. The love for something is what will get you to do it. Thus in case you feel dull, and have done almost everything else trying to boost your day, then try doing one of those hobbies that make you happy. And, you will see everything else going into place, as it will be much simpler to complete other tasks when you are happier and activated.

5. Having a day out with friends

Friends get you to love, laugh and make memories. Well, who wouldn’t want this, no one right? Spice up your day with people close to you and reminisce on those things that lift up your moods. Your allies are individuals who make sure you do not get a dull day, and when you do, they always try and lighten the mood. So, if you need to pep up your day, then go out with your friends, or meet up somewhere, have coffee, lunch or dinner and get your mood up again.

6. Take a nature walk

Could be by yourself or with some company. Have you ever noticed that you cannot stop getting amazed by the fauna and flora that surround you? Well I have. The best thing about nature, is that everything seems to be in the right place, smells nice and offers a comfortable ushering feeling to those who want to see. You get to breathe uncontaminated air, think clearly and generally be impressed. Nature uplifts your moods just by admiring it.

7. Help somebody

A small act of kindness comes with a huge awesome feeling. It gives you a sense of humanity, happiness and contentment. There are so many people in the world who need your help, but because you are surrounded by a lot of things, you tend to be so egocentric just thinking about how things will work well for you. Always attempt to help others who are not as privileged as you are, and you will be able to encounter an amazing feeling of satisfaction and joy.

8. Going shopping

Shopping entails getting new shoes, clothes, and many more. It gets everyone happy to do it. Anything that is about changing how you look, generally gets you happy. It gets you longing to see the end result thus raising your moods. So do not just stay indoors getting bored when you could go shopping and get yourself busy.

9. Dressing up

Usually when I get so bored, I dress up even when am not going out. I take a bath, put make up and a good attire on and slay in the house. It actually gets rid off lazying around and feeling idle. This trick could also work for you if you tried.

10. Listening to good music

Good music gets your nerves active. It makes you more active and alert, thus in many at times it increases your productivity. It also brings about joy and help you overcome a dull day through happiness and contentment. This is the reason why when most people are working thy have their earphones and music on, it improves concentration.


Everybody in most occasions try to brighten their days, as it makes them feel good and be more productive. There is nothing as awful as a boring day, always having to do the same things daily, it easily leads to boredom and poor performance. Thus it is good to always involve stuff in your day that will spice it and promote a god mood.

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