Many can attest to the fact that once or more in their relationships they have had to deal with silent treatment from their partners. As you all know love has got its ups and downs and so many people tend to deal with the potholes in the relationship in various ways. Some would get mad and lash out, others remain sad, some talk it out and definitely you will not miss those who triumph in silent treatment. However, silent treatment comes in so many ways and below are some of the explanations for it;

1. You do not like to be corrected

Some people would choose to be silent when their partner makes a mistake. They do not ignore it but instead of trying to talk it out with you they would rather be silent in a way that shows they are not happy with you. One of the reasons for this is if they have never succeeded in trying to correct you. No matter how good thy approach the situation, you are always trying to proof that you are right. So, instead of wasting their time trying to explain everything, they would rather mute on you for sometime.

2. They are probably tired in the relationship

Most times, this is usually a sign of relationship that is no longer thriving. In dome occassions, the silent treatment signify that there is no longer any hope for the relationship to bloom. This is usually as a result of consecutive disappointments that it has reached a point where there is no longer any psyche left to try and revive what was there before. Another reason is when maybe someone you are dating is having an affair somewhere. And in brief terms, they want to let you go so that they can resume with someone else.

3. They are probably very hurt by something you did to them

The silent treatment should not be the dose for this, but many would go this way for various reasons. It could be they do not want to talk about it then, they need to calm down first or they are trying to wrap their head around it. Everyone handles their challenges differently, so if your partner is one to give silent treatments when they are mad, ensure that you fond a solution for this. For example, wait until your partner is happy then talk to them about better ways to approach a situation.

4. They are refraining from saying what could hurt you most

When it comes to conflicts in relationships things can become crazy if one does not turn away from it. Especially when one is so furious of what happened. In such instances, one would just decide to mute so that they can be able to control what they would have uttered. When you’re mad, some words could just keep escaping from your mouth . Do when you do not want to hurt your better half, you just refrain from talking for sometime.

5. In order to calm themselves

Some situations need you to be calm first before you approach. This is especially when it comes to love matters. For someone you value the most, even though you are pissed, you would not just lash out on them. Respect still has to be adhered to here. As a result many would just decide to give the silent treatment in an attempt to get themselves together so that things do not go south.

6. Because they do not just feel like talking to you

Well, this is not a surprise. You do know that someone can just decide not to talk to you right? Yes, it is very possible. This is mostly a tit for tat game, especially when you have been putting them in the same situation. If someone feels they are forcing themselves on you, it will reach a point where they just give up on trying to be the better person and mute.

7. They do not know how to express their point

Most individuals lack the ability to put across something that maybe has been pissing them off. So, as a result they will give you the silent treatment hoping that somehow you will realise that they are not happy. This is actually very common among the ladies, and when their men notice this, they usually try and find out what’s wrong and then talk about it.


Many people’s interpretation of silent treatment varies especially when it is through a past experience. As per how you encountered it. So you might as well leave a comment below by sharing some insights on the topic above.



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