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Love is an interesting feeling that helps to spice up our lives. It does not matter who it is from but as long as there exists love, then our lives continue to feel new all the time.

When it comes to a relationship between lovers, there cannot be a union without love bringing them together. Other qualities such as trust and respect should also be of key. You get attracted to someone who has got certain qualities that entice you. The person you are attracted to does not mean that someone else finds them to be beautiful or handsome, one individual’s choice could be another person’s nightmare.

There are so many reasons why you like someone and they include the following;

1.They bring out the best in you; There is that person that you have dated and felt that you would want to be better in all the areas of your life. That better version of you keeps knocking when you are with them.

With such a person, you should consider yourself lucky, because you will keep growing and maturing each day. Through this, you will be able to adopt better habits and shun the bad ones.

2.They support your dreams; A partner who always asks about your dreams and supports the path of success that you follow is one in a million. You need an individual who will always be there to ensure that you achieve what you have been aspiring for. This is a representation of a person who always wants the best for you, cares for you and loves you.

At times, you can be unlucky and fall for a person who does not care of your dreams nor supports them. So, when you are lucky enough to find that person who always challenges you into achieving your goals, see to it that you appreciate and keep them.

3.They treat you as their first priority; A partner who always finds time to say hi and check on you even when they are so busy is a true lover. Often people would claim that they have no time to check on you or say hi because they are so busy. However, what I believe in is, if an individual sees you to be important, they will always find time for you no matter how busy their schedule is.

Never waste your time on an individual who treats you as an option that can be replaced. Find someone who values you and creates time for you.

4.They love you for who you are; A person who accepts your flaws and perfections, represents an individual who cares and loves you unconditionally. This is an individual whom you act yourself when you are around them. You do not have to pretend for them to like you, just being yourself is enough for them to love you.

In some relationships, other partners would aspire to change you in order to fit their preference at the expense of your happiness. Never allow anyone to change you, because you will be giving them the control to drive you around like a sheep.

5.They make you happy each day; Who would not want to wake up each day to a life full of happiness. Each individual has got things to worry about other than their partners. You need a person that gets you, that understands you and always tries to make your life happier. You need someone who would spice up your day for example, throwing a surprise party for you (once they know you love such surprises).

There is nothing as hard as having to deal with a partner that does not get you at all, you will always be worried for your relationship, where it is heading and whether it is going to last. In any relationship. there is need for mutual understanding, respect and love.

6.They are always there for you during adversity; Life is full of ups and downs, and at times we need a shoulder to cry on. Not everyone will always be there for you when you going through a hard time but a worthy partner would.

One thing that can make you like someone is by their ability to always have your back when things are rough. Some people when you are in a bad situation, they run away from you and when that situation is over, they crawl back to you. You need a reliable person, that when they see you going through a hard situation, they are always willing to jump in and help.

7.They are hardworking; Despite love, there are still expenses and bills to pay. A lazy individual will never get you through this but instead will drag you down from your aspirations. Fall for someone who you see to be trying to make things work.

A hard working individual helps in one way or another, they never settle for less and always helps in giving you the motivation to put more effort into achieving that which you aspire for.

8.They respect you; When an individual respects you, they make you fall for them more. A person who puts into consideration your opinion regarding the things that affect you both is a good partner. There is nothing more awesome than being with a person that upholds your values and does not make you do things that you do not like.

Do not settle for someone who fails to recognize your presence and your feelings

9.You find them beautiful/handsome; It is normal to get attracted to a person that you see to be handsome or beautiful. Even though you still have to consider other factors to find someone to date, this also acts as an important aspect to include. Because for sure, you can never be in a relationship with a person that you do not find to be attractive.


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