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Everything has got its positive and negative sides and the social media is not an exception. Having looked at its negative side, lets delve into knowing the positive side of it. There is a whole lot of young generation out there who have told that the internet is a bad place to hang in. However, in real sense, it depends on how you use it and what your aim is there. The following are some of the points that argue social media is good.

1. It is a platform to meet friends and reconnect with old ones

Friends in a way help spice your days. The reason is, each person you meet has got different personalities. One is a good story teller, another is awesome at making jokes and to make it much better, they are best at comforting in hard situations. So make the internet work for the good of you by connecting with your real friends.

2. Offers platform to sell and advertise products and services

How many people have been making a living through selling products on social media? Many right. Depending on how use this platform, you can make money to help you with your needs. Do not just go there to scroll up and down wasting precious time. Think of something you can do there and utilize your time well.

3. A great platform to spread love at all times

I am quite certain many have seen instances where an individual decides to write motivational and encouraging messages on their wall. They do not know who it will help, but many times, it will be seen by someone who needed such a message. Could be they are going through a hard time or anything and this kind of information helps them in their situation.

4. Helps to refresh mind when tired with work

I am actually among the people who would go to the social media for a few minutes to try and refresh their mind by breaking work monotony. And this usually helps, after five or ten minutes in a different environment my mind goes back to its functional settings and can embark on work. Instead of dozing off, just try this it might help.

5. A place where you can access all the news you need

The social media is always updated. And each and every news that you need, you can find in the internet. Whether you are job hunting, you will never miss one or two people advertising a vacancy. Many people have secured their jobs through the social media.

6. A podium that help in documenting past experiences

Many of you must have heard o the phrase, the internet does not forget. This is very true. Hence it can be an awesome place to retrieve things you no longer have and had possibly posted them on the internet. Or rather a perfect place to place the things you do not want to lose.


There are more plenty reasons on the advantages of social media, the above are just a sample. This proves that the internet is not just a stage to waste time by many. However, there are many more constructive things you can do there.


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