The issue of many being unable to get out of toxic relationships is a common problem, triggered as a result of many factors and circumstances. Even at a point where a person is self conscious of what they are going through. You know, it is much easier talking of quitting than actually doing it. It takes courage and a firm decision that enough is enough to actually do it. To help with trying to figure out what really is barring many from leaving abusive relationships and finding your path to peace, the reasons below could explain better;

1. They are deeply in love

This is actually where the statement “love is blind” better applies. Especially to many who have faced a lot of rejection out there, they easily fall in love with the person that finally accepted them, even though the relationship is toxic. They cannot bare the thought of not being accepted by anyone out there. So, instead of getting out of it, they choose to stay around and feel accepted by somebody.

2. Hopes of change

There is this ‘notion’, could not find a better word for it. I am quite sure many of you have heard the statement, ‘I think I can change him/her’. This is usually common where an individual maybe got some undesirable character and once someone falls in love with them, that person believes they can change the individual. Well, this is usually possible, but it does not mean you have to suffer so much in the process. Just try your best wherever you can, and once you have done all you could and everything is getting worse, you need to find your peace elsewhere.

3. Poor self esteem

Poor self esteem can make someone feel they are worthless. It makes them think they deserve what they are going through. In fact, they fear to get out of the toxic relationship thinking that no one else will love them again. So, they would rather stay in the abusive relationship as comfort for what they might not get out there.

4. They are not ready to face what people will say

Most people do not live life for themselves these days but rather for others. They fear so much what people will say about their actions and not what impact it has on their lives. People have a tendency of talking no matter what, they will always have something to say. Hence, if you are adamant on pleasing them, you will always be the one to lose.

5. You think the individual loves you

Some people have given out tons of second chances to people they thought loved them. Many have had others abusing them, then after sometime you see the individual saying sorry and pampering them with all kinds of sweet words while promising not to mess up again. Then they do it again and the circle of forgiving and hurting continues. For someone who was thirsting for love, they could easily fall victim to this kind of habit.

6. They are threatened not leave

Some people are toxic enough to threaten their partners on what could happen if they quit the relationship. So, when you see an individual not quitting the relationship they are not happy in, there are so many considerations to be made which includes this one. The reason for this is because they believe to be much safer being in the toxic relationship than quitting and facing dangerous consequences.

7. Peer pressure

When you see all your friends still retaining their partners, you feel bad leaving yours. So, since you want to have the same experience as your friends, you will keep hiding as though everything is ok when it is not. People should learn to quit when things are not going as they should, because if you keep pretending, you will be the one to suffer.

8. They are provided for

If your partner provides you with everything you need, yet still abuses you, you should quit. However, this is not always the case. Some individuals compromise themselves at the expense of being provided for.


There is no justification to staying in a toxic relationship. If you feel or know someone is not treating you as you should, stand up for yourself and speak. If that does not work, you need to find your peace and freedom by moving on.

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