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Cheating should not be excused in whatever case in any relationship. This is something that destroys trust, brings about so much hurt to the victim and even shatters any available love. Many people find themselves in a situation of being cheated on and often most think that they are the trigger. However, that’s usually not the case. The cheating individual has got all the reasons to be blamed. Everything happens for a reason, and they must have reasons for doing it. You cannot just find yourself cheating all of a sudden, it is a process and each person has a choice to back out of it.

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Below are some of the triggers of cheating in many relationships;

1. Insecurities

Do you ever feel that you are not enough in a relationship, that the person you are dating sort of can find better. And at some point you feel that your partner can cheat on you easily because they might think you are inadequate.

Cheating arises when you begin to nag your better half for more reassurance of their love for you. And when lack of trust becomes a constant norm even when they are out for lunch, or when they go out to buy stuff, a minimal delay would make you think they were out cheating. As a result, you begin to snoop, become mad for no reason, all this kinda ushers in a bad side(vibe) into the relationship. However, all this does not have to be an excuse to cheat, airing out such kind of issues with your partner should clear the tension. Tell them how you feel, if they understand you, then they are right for you, and if not, then you have no reason to be with them.

Insecurity actually is something that can be combated with some help. You just need all the support you can get from your partner, and never allow anyone to judge you for such situations.

2. They simply want to

People often cheat when they are very sane. A sane person can make sound decisions, they act willingly and can differentiate what is good from bad. Is there any explanation for cheating then? No, one reason is just that they felt like doing it. Some usually blame family issues or how attractive the other person was, all this does not add up. Because there are so any ways of killing a rat, talk your issues out and find a way to solve them. There is no need of hurting the other party, listen to each other and work things out peacefully. Actually, one major problem with couple is they never sit down and listen. Each individual thinks they are better than the other, but if only they realized how much good listening can bring them, then they would do it often.

3. For revenge

It may be a surprise but some people do cheat just to revenge what they had been done to. This does not add up, because had you really forgiven your partner and decided to stay with, then there would be no need to cheat back on them. And to say the least, this could be a lame way to solve your pain. Because, once you do the revenge, you might have to deal with guilt afterwards without leaving out the sense of emptiness that comes after. None of this help to make yo feel better but rather worse. On top of the hurt as a result of being cheated on, you have also added some self inflicted sorrow.

If you feel that this is where you could be heading, begin to recite your worth and remind yourself of the consequences that comes right after the act. If your partner do not love you anymore, then the chances of them feeling hurt after you cheat back are very low. Learn to run away from things that diminish your self image and esteem, because these two play a big role in your life each day.

4. Sexual dissatisfaction

This is a problem that should be dealt with in any relationship not an excuse to open your pants for anyone. If you realize this, then talk with your partner, agree on how you will get help or try solve it among yourselves. If it does not work then find help from a professional. Relationships are all about being transparent to each other. I am quite certain if you had a chat with your partner regarding the issues you have, they will understand and reason out with you. If you really love someone, I do not think you would go to the extent of cheating to satisfy your sexual needs. Instead, you would sit down with them and express your issues to them.

5. As a result of lust

Lust has taken many to the addiction of sex. Lust engages you into giving in to your physical attractions. If you do not try and control this, it will be your daily drive, just after quenching your thirst by sleeping around. Which for that matter, can never be quenched as you meet many different people on daily basis. And, if you decided to pursue anyone you meet, then doom awaits you. Mainly with this type of lust, you can manage to tame it as there are no strings attached, just all about physical attraction. Thus you need to attempt to control this habit as soon as possible before it clams you.

6. Forced marriage/relationship

There are so many instances which you find yourself in a somewhat forced relationship. You stay with someone not because you love them but because you feel you owe them. Though some with time can develop into love not all do. This kind actually promotes cheating. When you do not love someone, the level of intimacy deteriorates each day and as a result, you will try to find satisfaction elsewhere. In such scenarios, it is advisable that you come out clean to your partner irregardless of the pain. It is better to have a painful truth than to be lied to for so long. Finding out that someone is cheating on you gives room to so many weird conclusion and leads to more pain than when told the plain truth.

7. Family feuds

Lack of common goals, purpose and many more can lead to frequent family disagreements. When they continue for long, one will feel unwelcome in the relationship. As a result, they try to find peace somewhere else, probably with someone they feel they clique with. This is the reason why it is wise to court someone before you decide to marry or engage them. This way you will learn of their ambitions and their purpose in life. It is not a bad thing to be different, not everyone’ ambitions are the same, but at least have a goal on where you are heading.

8. Distant relationships

Most people claim to cheat because their partners are so far and at times they feel lonely. Well, to the one being cheated on, never fall for this excuse, love is ever patient, it waits for the one they love. If someone cheats and gives you the above excuse, then they do not deserve you at all. This is someone who is willing to hurt you over and over just to satisfy their desires. Find someone who treasure you enough not to cheat when you are around. For any relationship to work, trust, communication, love, and respect matter a lot. Look for a companion who upholds all the above.


Life is too short to waste on people who do not value you. Relationships should be a source of love, happiness, family and sense of belonging, not hate, hurt and pain. Choose wisely who you decide to spend your life with, as you are worth more. There are so many negative impacts that come about as a result of bad relationships. And you do not deserve to go all through this. Know your worth and shy away from people who want to use you.

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