At times it is quite hard to find a genuine friend and you would find most people complaining about how some of the individuals they thought were friends betrayed them. However, there are some real allies out there, those whom you can be sure they got your back in everything. These are the kind of people that most are looking forward to having in their lives. So, when you are privileged enough to have one, ensure that you do good by them so that you do not live to regret your choices. These individuals are good in so many ways including;

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1. They introduce you to new business opportunities

Friends act as a network for you. Take for example they know what interests you and some of the projects that you have been looking forward to completing, they will always have this in mind. And whenever they meet up with other friends who happen to steer towards that topic and think they could help you in any way, they will definitely remember to bring you into the conversation. This will open up some new opportunities for you in so many areas

2. They comfort you during hard times

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on when things are not going on well in their lives. And who better to comfort you than someone who really understands who you are, just like a friend. So if you consider yourself a friend to someone, be that person that they can look up to and be proud to have you in their lives. Friendship is not to be taken for granted, it can help you through a lot of things.

3. They motivate you

Some friends actually take the next step of pushing you towards your dreams. There are always there to ensure that you do not give up even if everything seems to be falling apart. Many people need someone to remind them of the final treasure they will reap if they stand by their dreams and goals. Aside from being your own cheerleader, you also do need some other individuals who are routing for you. In fact, the journey will seem much easier when you got friends supporting you through thick and thin. You might even realize your dream sooner.

4. Great for introducing potential partners

I am quite sure that many can attest to this fact. The friends you meet are not just there to bring wrangles and shackles. In fact, many have brought more good. You get to know your better half through a friend. It could be maybe after they introduced you to them during a lunch date, a night out or some event somewhere.

5. They offer great company

The company offered by friends is good because you never lack things to talk about. Every topic seems juicy, it could be about goals and dreams, clothes and many other topic. These are people you have made memories with and hence you can connect in so many ways possible. Every thing you get to touch about clicks in everybody’s mind and they can relate to what is being told. These are the people you cannot pretend with, you are always free with and can feel at home with them.

6. They can introduce you to new job opportunities

Many people have their jobs through referrals from friends. When they know that you have good skills in a sector and see an opening somewhere, they will definitely remember to link you up with the firm. Job opportunities are very competitive but if you got skills and have someone you can count on, it will be much easier acquiring a position.

7. They are great business partners

Who would be the first person you would want to seek advice from regarding some stuff? Well, it would be someone you trust, which would be a genuine friend for that matters. Even if it is not exactly partnering, you would want to hire your friend in your business if they respect you and you can trust them.


Friends are very important in your life, they help you make good memories and even those who bring bad memories, they offer you lessons for better decisions in the future. Aside from the above highlights, they are many more good things that friends bring into your life.



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