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Each individual is bound to worry once in a while. It could be because things are not going as planned, someone close to you is sick, you are not as stable financially as you ought to or you are just not happy with your life. However, too much of it can be toxic.

Most people sought to worrying about something or somebody yet it does not help them solve their problems in any way. In fact, it even leads to more issues like, health problems, confusion, lack of sleep or too much of it, work distractions and wastage of time. There are so many worthy things that you can do for yourself, that can help in making your life less miserable.

With all the worry that has become a routine for so many people, something ought to be done to curb it. This is because the harm it impacts on an individual is more profound. Below are some of the top ways you can adopt to help you worry less;

1. Never fret over things that you do not have control over

Most individuals worry about everything including those which they do not have the power to alter in any way. For example worrying about the storm, instead of finding ways to manage it.

It is much understandable if you got worried for something you know you could fix. For example failing a test, the next time you will be more determined to do a thorough revision regarding the same, so that you do not attain the low marks you had before.

It is better to fret over the things you can change because it will help give you the motivation that you need to make things better. This will make you more effective, and once you have settled the issue, the worry will be gone.

However, worrying about things you cannot control, is an endless struggle that will drain your energy and cause you even more problems.

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2.Do something about it

Are you a victim of worry? If so then you have got a lot on your plate. You need to set out all those things that keep you worrying all night and wasting your precious time. Sort them one by one and find a solution for each one,there has got to be something you can do about them. Take action on them, show these issues that you are the boss of your life.

If someone is getting you worried by their actions, then say it to their face, ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if I do this, if there is no worst scenario, then confront your worries. You are much more important than the worry, and life is too short to spend it fretting on things you can solve.

If some financial issues are getting you worried, find work to do so that you can solve them. Do not just sit around holding your chin and getting your mind so worked up. It will not help, get up and find the counter measures for dealing with your issues.

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3.Talk to somebody

Each individual is vulnerable to problems which can lead to worry and stress. People have come up with so many ways that they can deal with their worries. Among them is talking to somebody.

When you get to share your issues with any of your trusted friends, they can either help you solve the issues or help to comfort you during adversity. Having somebody to talk to regarding your issues and not getting judged or criticized is among the most amazing things that one can get.

When you keep worries to yourself, they tend to heap up to he point that you an no longer control. This makes you prone to issues such as depression which is not good for at all.

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4.Jot down your worries

This trick might not work for everyone but it works for so many. When you put them on paper you are able to intellectualize what you have been worrying about and understand them better than when they appeared scattered in your mind. When you are able to understand these issues better you can easily come up with a plan to deal with them or rather even realize that you have been getting so worked up for very petty things.

It also helps to clear your mind off wrangles. When you write these issues down, you are diffusing these worries somewhere else apart from your mind. Having a clear mind helps you to focus and think clearly about what to do.

5.Engage in exercise

Most exercises, helps to relieve the body of stress and worry. For example, jogging, running and jumping can help divert your thoughts to the movement of your body.

Meditation and yoga helps to put your mind into the relaxation mode thus helping to clear your mind from stress and worries. These types of exercises when done on daily basis helps to always take your mind way from worry.

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6.Do a self assessment

Before you worry too much about something, learn to reflect on the past issues that you fret over and the experience you got for it. There is nothing good that comes from worrying about anything unless you are bold enough to make a move and come up with ways to deal with the problem.

Reflecting helps you to realize the consequences that comes with worrying and if you are brave enough you might just find the confidence to face the problem head on.

7.Practice positive self talk

Worry always arises when things are not working well. With positive talks like “I can”, you are able to overcome worry and stress. You need to train your body and mind to believe in your abilities of overcoming any stumbling blocks.

When you know that things are going to work well for you, then there is no need to worry. It helps to give you the motivation to keep fighting and ensuring that you achieve that which you put your mind to.

Most researchers believe that, those who worry a lot are the people who are mostly surrounded by negative emotions. They feed their minds with negativity and unbelief in themselves.

As a result, worry takes root because in most cases, things do not turn out well when there is no hope and belief in something.

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8.Do not aim at pleasing others

Most people are victims of this, they care so much of what people think of what they are doing, acting and many more. They tend to forget that this is their life not anybody else’s.

When you allow other people to control your life, you will be much more prone to worry because at all times you will be attempting to meet their standards, what they like and avoiding what they do no like and as a result you will be forgetting your sole purpose in life, that is to be who you are.

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Worrying with a strategy is important because it makes you take action and sort issues at hand, however worry with no purpose is not good for you, you just get yourself worked up for nothing, no actions, time wastage and it attracts health problems. Before you worry, ask, yourself if it is with purpose or not.

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