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There are some unavoidable circumstances that can prevent an individual from exploring the good life that they had anticipated for. However, in most cases, people do not get to achieve a greater life just because of some self initiated bad ways of life. They tend to value pleasing people, being lazy and many other negative aspects which in turn compromises their lives.

Most people forget that in order to achieve a greater life you got to be self disciplined. You have to learn what you need to do to achieve the life you wish for and by all means attempt to shun away from those routines that do not add any value in your life. The following habits are worth hamper your growth as well as the dream of achieving a greater life;

1.The habit of assimilation

I am quite certain that most people would agree with me in this. Comparison is a too well common habit to many. Human beings in all aspects of life tend to juxtapose themselves with others. Life to them is all about comparison, you always want to look like another person. Even the success that you have does not seem to impress you, you still find yourself comparing your success with that of others. Most people are so clouded with being perfect when in the real sense there is no such word.

Well, let me break it down for you, comparisons only attracts insecurities, a sense of unworthiness, jealousy, hate and criticism. All these are self initiated, they tend to blind you from the real goal. You will begin to concern yourself with what demeans you more than what builds you.

Learn to give gratitude and appreciation for every little thing that you have and gradually you will be able to fight the insecurities that you have and begin to flaunt in you capabilities.

2. A negative mindset

Your mind is among the most influential tools in your body and whatever you feed it with could have a positive or a negative impact in your life. The things you believe in and what you think about on daily basis has got an effect on you. If you are prone to having negative thought then your life would definitely be miserable. A negative person is determined by what they think about, how they view life and everything around them. And if you were to interview them at one specific point in life, the answers they have would mainly be pessimistic and full of hate. They depict that they have got no hope in what they do, what they think about and even in those they relate with.

A negative mindset, diminishes the motivation to do that which you love or anything entirely that would help better your life. An unpleasant past to many is what mainly yields to negativity. To overcome this, you need to learn to move on, forgive yourself for the things you did and regret and others for the wrongdoings they did to you, associate yourself with happy people and most importantly learn to always have hope.

3.Poor routine habits

Have you ever thought that maybe your daily habits are what hinder you from achieving the great life that you want so bad. Consider your morning routines, do they follow suit with the way you always want to start your mornings, or are they the ones that ruin your day? Check also into your evening habits, do they add value to your tomorrow or they instead make it dull? There are so many things that you ought to put right if you wish to have a greater life. You cannot live everyday carelessly and expect to achieve extraordinary results, you need to step up.

4. The need for acceptance and approval

Have you ever been in a state where you want to do something so that people could accept you? So many people after going through a series of rejection from family members or the society at large for following what they wanted to do, decide at one point to do that which they feel they will be accepted for, at the expense of their dream and goals.

Most people never realize that the only important approval in life that each individual needs is self approval. It does not matter who does not like you, but as long as you are happy for yourself and accept that which you are doing then nothing else matters, you become unstoppable and people will be amazed with your achievements and by then they will have no choice but to applaud you.

5. Fearing to be different

Each individual is born different and that is a fact, so you need to accept that. The things people do can at times be similar but if you find yourself in a different arena in life then you need to appreciate it and move on. Never be too concerned about what people will say, nor aspire to please anyone. It is much better to understand yourself and do what you love than following a crowd that leads you nowhere. Embrace your uniqueness in every aspect of your life, never let anyone drive your life, take authority and keep chasing your goals.

6. Procrastination

This is one of the top habits that have harbored so many regrets among many individuals. Procrastination attracts laziness, then lack of action and eventually failure. Very many people have good ideas on how they want to go about their lives, but very few achieve that life. In most cases, what usually happens is that, an individual creates and idea, instead of planning on how to put it into action, they push the whole process to the next day with no valid reason, and as a result negative thoughts tend to come about thus diminishing the plan of putting it in action.

Most people have become victims of procrastination because it is one of the easy ways of escaping action. So, if you really aspire to have a greater life then you need to quit the habit of procrastination.


By ensuring that you are always positive, being ready to adopt change, chasing your goals and being yourself is when you can be able to experience a greater life ahead. However, if you become a people’s pleaser, rigid and full of negativity, your future easily plummets before your eyes.


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