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Sex is important to many couples and people in general, however, it does not have the required weight to be considered to sustain a relationship. It could be one of those beautiful things that couples enjoy doing, but there are so many other stuff required for a relationship to work. The following make up the reasons that prove that sex only is not enough to keep a relationship.

1. It is a want not a need

Many people have thriving romantic relationships without necessarily having intercourse on daily basis. For example, some individuals would decide to abstain from it until they are married. Well, if it were a need for them, then their connection would have dissolved since they could not live without sex. So, looking at it, sex is actually a want. Hence, if you need your relationship to work, there are other factors that you ought to bring on board, not just the sex.

2. Can be found somewhere else

Take for example someone wants sex, they do not necessarily have to fall in love with someone else to get it. They just book for an appointment with a person available to satisfy their wants and it is done. It takes much more to keep a relationship, and not something that can be offered easily by others. Unless you find someone faithful to you, you can’t manage to have a relationship intact with only sex.

3. Sex can be physical with no emotional attachments

You never know, maybe the person you think you are in a relationship with is just engaging in this to only satisfy themselves and leave. However, if you are with the right person, they would have involved other factors in the relationship. Hence sex becomes important to the both of you and emotions are involved. So, there is no need to think that just sex can hold together a relationship, yet it’s possible to do it with no strings attached.

4. It is not the only important thing

Considering all the essential qualities that a relationship needs to stay strong, usually sex is not in the picture. This shows that it is not a priority and many other unions can thrive without it. It is just but an enjoyment for many couples, however it is not considered to be the main thing in the relationship.

5. Most relationships can thrive without it

Aside from not being the most important thing, sex to those who are in relationships is at times out of the picture. Most people usually opt to abstain for various reasons and you will find that the love is still strong and the connection is at par.


Never allow anyone to gauge the status of your relationship basing it on sex. You can be having great sex, but your connection is in the ICU. And on the other hand, you could rarely be having sex, yet your relationship is strong. There are so many other elements that contribute to having your connection at the top.

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